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Hitec HS-45 Premium Feather (17oz/in

Hitec HS-45 Premium Feather (17oz/in
Item# HRC33045S
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Product Description

This is the Hitec HS-45HB Premium Feather Micro Servo with connector that fits Futaba, Hitec, JR and Airtronics Z radios.

- High impact Karbonite gears with ball bearings
- Slim case with 2mm thick mount support

- One Servo with "X" horn and mounting screws
- Additional "X" horns and also a long servo horn

- Size: 23.6 x 9.8 x 22.4mm (.92 x .38 x .88")
- Output Torque: 1.0Kg-cm (13.88oz-in) at 4.8Volt
- Operating Speed: 0.14 sec/ 60°at 4.8Volt
- Weight: 8g (0.28oz)