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HPI Racing

Another super busy year for HPI. The year fired off with a bang with the launch of the screaming Nitro RS4 3 18SS+ 1/10th scale nitro touring car kit, followed by the Ready-to-Run Nitro RS4 3 Evo+, both available with our line of realistic "Vintage" muscle car bodies. The popular Wheely King 4X4 launched in March, fearing true four wheel drive performance that made it an instant hit with the rock crawling crowd. Next up was the 1/10th scale Nitro RS4 MT 2 18+ four wheel drive stadium truck in kit form, packing the powerful 18SS engine and a host of go-fast upgrades. In May the "Toughest, Strongest, Fastest" Savage X 4.6 Ready-to-Run truck was released, featuring the incredible 4.6 Big Block engine for massive torque and blistering top speed, wrapped around an updated chassis that was designed to handle the increased power. The Sprint 2 Drift came out in June, quickly becoming the go-to platform for the electric drift scene, complete with scale replicas of Volk TE37 wheels and a choice of two "JDM" bodies. The Nitro RS4 MT 2 G3.0 was next on the list to receive a dose of extra power, making it one of the most powerful 1/10th scale Ready-to-Run trucks on the market. Swinging over to our entry level customers, we released the E10 Touring and E10 Drift electric cars in September, 1/10th scale electric cars that are available completely Ready-to-Run or "Assembled" with no electronics, both at prices that make getting into R/C easy on the wallet. Kit builders rejoiced with the release of the Baja 5B SS in September, a high performance "build-it-yourself" version of our class-leading 1/5th scale gas buggy, loaded with hop-up parts and a powerful new engine. September also saw the release of the E-Firestorm 1/10th scale 2WD electric truck, bringing the unbeatable toughness of our nitro Firestorm to the world of electric stadium trucks. And to cap off a very busy year, the Nitro RS4 3 Drift was released just in time for the Holiday season. The Nitro RS4 3 Drift is a completely Ready-to-Run 1/10th scale touring car that adds the sound and fury of nitro engines to the drift scene.