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HPI Sprint 2 RTR Sport RC Car w/Toureza Body - 708

HPI Sprint 2 RTR Sport RC Car w/Toureza Body - 708
Item# hpi-car-708
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Product Description

HPI's popular Sprint 2 electric club racer is now available in a Sport version! The Sprint 2 Sport comes with all of the features of the standard Sprint 2, minus the battery pack and charger, giving racers the ability to pick their favorite packs or save money and use their existing packs and charger.
The Sprint 2 Sport is the perfect club racer and is the ideal entry into RC racing fun! Its chassis is almost indestructible and easy to drive, but also has all the racing features you need for a perfect set up on most racetracks. The "out of the box" settings include fully adjustable suspension with control over important settings like camber, caster, toe in, ride height, Ackerman, springs etc. to fine tune your car for faster lap times!

The Sprint 2 Sport versions all come complete with the following high quality electronics as standard:
High quality HPI radio set:
HPI TF-2 transmitter
HPI RF-1 receiver
HPI SF-1 Servo
Bodyshell Versions
HPI Fujitsubo Impreza
Available with 2 different bodyshells, the Sprint 2 RTR will have something to suit every taste! All bodyshells are made of high quality, impact resistant polycarbonate and come pre-painted, pre-cut and pre-decaled for great looks!
For part numbers of all available versions see the bottom of this page.


The Sprint 2 Sport chassis delivers excellent handling. A belt driven 4 wheel drive system guarantees smooth power transfer and high grip on a wide variety of paved surfaces. Plus, the race proven suspension with oil filled shock absorbers offer lots of racing features you wouldn't expect from a Sport car: adjustable camber and toe-in links, extra long upper links with new multiple mounting positions, adjustable Ackerman settings, adjustable droop, different caster and toe in blocks included in the kit... to name but a few.



With a big foam front bumper, a reinforced chassis, upper deck and shock towers you'll see that the Sprint 2 Sport can take the abuse of racing on the track and on the street! All important chassis and suspension parts are made from high quality, high impact nylon which makes the Sprint 2 extra tough! The fully ball raced, dual belt, 4 wheel drive transmission with only one geared step (48dpi motor pinion to spur gear) is very efficient and capable of handling high power modified electric motors.


With sealed gear differentials front and rear, you never have to worry about time-intensive diff rebuilds on your Sprint 2 Sport. The strong and flexible HPI polycarbonate body shell resists cracking and other damage! 8 rubber sealed ball bearings at the wheel axles and 6 more ball bearings at all other axles don't wear out like metal or plastic bushings and provide lower friction and more speed.


When you're ready, it will be very easy to hop up your Sprint 2 Sport. Install a new body shell from HPI's great range of bodies, get some HPI wheels with high traction tires, or a wide variety of option parts for the Sprint 2 Sport!


The Sprint 2 Sport is a rock solid car for beginners and club racers. The Sport version includes everything you need, just add your own battery pack and charger! Just run the car straight out of the box and enjoy the great handling and the awesome performance. If you want to compete on a race track, all the foundations are in place to tune your Sprint 2 Sport and to set it up for some really fast lap times.


Dual deck chassis Precut foam bumper Efficient dual belt drive train Aluminium motor mount
Real oil filled shocks Adjustable droop - Better handling and tunability especially on high grip tracks Fully adjustable suspension New redesigned chassis, new chassis plate & new top deck
190mm Chassis width New reinforced and redesigned rear body posts Smooth running Urethane belt S3M 6-spoke deep dish chrome wheels
Accepts both stick pack battery... ...and saddle pack battery configurations Geared differentials with metal out drives Fully ball raced - Free transmission and increased durability
Adjustable camber and toe-in links Adjustable ackerman settings 2 and 3 degree rear toe-in blocks included in the kit 4 and 6 degree front castor blocks included in the kit
Extra long upper links with new multiple mounting positions New improved servo saver Ball raced steering bell crank Adjustable belt tension
Part Numbers
#709 RTR SPRINT 2 SPORT 2006 HPI IMPREZA (200mm)