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HPI Racing 1/8th Hellfire RTR RC Gas Nitro Monster Truck - 10500

HPI Racing 1/8th Hellfire RTR RC Gas Nitro Monster Truck - 10500
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Product Description

HPI Racing has added a completely new 1/8th scale truck to its market leading monster truck line up.

The new Hellfire is designed from scratch with only one goal: maximum performance in all conditions! No compromise - the Hellfire is not a converted buggy or tuned up monster truck. It is purpose built to be faster and give better handling than any other competitive truck.



A high level of attention to detail is paid in every area. HPI designers strove to increase performance, reduce maintenance and simplify chassis adjustments. The result is a new definition for "performance truck".

Optimum Agility and Handling
Hellfire features all-new suspension and steering geometries specially designed for best performance with big truck wheels and on rough terrain.

A very low center of gravity gives increased responsiveness and better chassis balance.




Toughest "Basher"
The Savage is HPI's proven fun "basher" with oversized durability and maximum ground clearance. No Jump too big, no ground too rough, and no stunt too extreme - the Savage tackles it all. Simply the King of Monster Trucks
Best Performing 1/8th scale HPI RTR Truck
Looking for maximum acceleration, agility, speed and handling? Then Hellfire is for you! No Compromise!


Hellfire is extremely light weight and powered by a new more powerful Nitro Star K4.6 HO engine. The new engine is based on the proven HPI Nitro Star K4.6 known from the Savage SS 4.6. The new "High Output" version provides increased horse power and more torque.
Large dual stage air filter Machined aluminum engine heat sink 8.5mm composite slide carburettor with 3 needles Hard anodized exhaust pipe and header
Hellfire offers a wide range of tuning adjustments. You can fine tune the truck to every condition or personal driving style. All important suspension parameters are easily adjustable. No option parts are necessary to adjust the suspension settings and several configurations are possible with the included parts. Eccentric bushings are used for a convenient adjustment of toe in, kick up, anti dive and anti squat.

Full List of Adjustments:
  • Front inboard toe angle adjustments: 0 degrees to -2 degrees.
  • Rear inboard toe angle adjustments: 2 degrees to 4 degrees.
  • Adjustable front and rear camber using strong steel turnbuckles.
  • The camber can be fine tuned to suit your track conditions.
  • Adjustable steering geometry.
  • Spring clips are included to fine tune your ride height.
  • Anti-dive adjustments: 0 degrees to 2 degrees in 0.5 degree increments.
  • Anti-squat adjustments: 1.5 degrees to 3.5 degrees in 0.5 degree increments.
  • Front kick-up angle: adjustable from 21 to 25 degrees.
  • 24 possible shock positions available to fine tune your suspension.
  • Four different shock pistons are included for a wide range of tuning options.
  • Different compression and rebound can be achieved with tapered shock pistons.
  • Damping can be fine tuned with different diameter holes.
  • Adjustable brake bias to control entry steering and jumping.
  • Adjustable front and rear inboard toe with convenient urethane eccentric bushings.


Multiple mounting points for upper wishbone Multiple mounting points on shock towers Multiple mounting points on the steering plate for different ackerman. Aluminium wishbone braces and eccentric bushings.
Multiple mounting points on rear hub for upper wishbone Multiple mounting points for shocks on wishbone Adjustable turnbuckles Adjustable body post

The Hellfire has been designed to allow for easier maintenance with simplified access to all parts. For example only 6 screws have to be removed to access the front or rear diff without dismantling the main chassis or suspension. High quality hex hardware is used throughout to reduce the possibility of stripped screws. All major suspension components are retained or captured without the use of E-clips. Maintenance is simplified and parts are held more securely in place.

Easy access to front and rear diffs No e-clips 6 screws to get to the front and rear diff

The Hellfire will be available "Ready-To-Run" making it the highest off-road performance truck available to everybody.

A high quality HPI TF-3 radio set is included as well as a 1100 mAh, 5-cell receiver pack with 2 hour wall charger.

High Torque SF-2 servo High quality HPI TF-3 transmitter 6V receiver pack and charger included Water resistant radio box


Low center of gravity for optimal handling Low center of gravity for optimal handling Smooth chassis with countersunk screws
Recessed engine mount screws
Rolled chassis edges for increased chassis stiffness Black anodized aluminum upper deck for increased chassis rigidity Front and rear chassis braces to support shock towers High Power Nitro Star K4.6 HO engine for "insane" top speed and accerleration
Hard anodized exhaust pipe for maximum power Fuel tube routing for decreased fuel line breakage and better fuel delivery Internal fuel tank filter + external high quality fuel filter for maximum protection for your engine Long travel front suspension for excellent handling over rough terrain
Long travel rear suspension for excellent handling over rough terrain Nitride coated shock shafts for smooth damping action
Front castor block and knuckle arm Rear hub