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HPI Racing E-Firestorm RTR w/DSX-2 RC Truck Body - 10550

HPI Racing E-Firestorm RTR w/DSX-2 RC Truck Body - 10550
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Product Description

New from HPI Racing is the ready-to-run E-Firestorm 2WD 1/10th scale electric powered stadium truck. In the fiercely competitive electric 2WD truck class, the E-Firestorm separates itself from the competition with extra toughness and a long list of race-inspired features… all at a price that beats the competition.
HPI's First-Ever 2WD Electric Truck
Erik Shauver, designer of high performance HPI vehicles like the nitro Firestorm, Hellfire and the Pro 4, was the go-to choice when it came time to add an electric 2WD truck to the HPI line-up. Using his Firestorm design as a starting point, Erik set out to design a truck that blended the toughness needed for an entry level truck with the adjustability of a competitive race truck.

The Firestorm's design heritage is easy to spot in the E-Firestorm. The stealthy black color theme is purposefully applied to the sleek curves of the composite nylon main chassis with strategically center-mounted batteries, servo and transmission. The proven tough suspension from the Firestorm is carried over for maximum durability. And subtle features like threaded shock bodies and hex head screws point out that the E-Firestorm is not your average RTR truck, it's a whole new level of design for the RTR class.


Built Tough
TOUGH is the word that best describes the E-Firestorm. Everywhere you look the critical parts have been designed to withstand the rigors of off-road racing. The key to durability for any 2WD stadium truck is the transmission, and the E-Firestorm tranny is extra tough, using all metal gears to easily handle the power of hot electric motors. Inside the tranny is a sealed planetary differential with, again, all metal gears for extra toughness. And everything is protected by an adjustable dual-pad slipper clutch mated to durable 48 pitch gears, with tough steel dogbones and axles transmit the power to the tires.
Performance Driven Design
The E-Firestorm uses race-inspired design to give owners full control over suspension adjustments for excellent handling on surfaces like open fields, parks, and even to your local racing track. The lay down steering servo and low profile transmission help provide a very low center of gravity (CG) for quick response. A full set of turnbuckles allows you to adjust camber and front toe. The rear toe and anti-squat angles are adjustable using pivot blocks, just like on the high-spec racing trucks. Silicone oil-filled shocks absorb all bumps and jumps and keep the tires on the ground. The shocks even feature threaded shock bodies for easy spring adjustments, while 3 upper and 2 lower shock mounts give a multitude of tuning possibilities. 14 ball bearings provide maximum drive train efficiency for faster top speed and durability. Wide-track suspension gives the E-Firestorm superb control. Providing extra grip and control are square-pin Ground Assault rear tires, and asymmetric dual-edge Front Line tires keep the E-Firestorm pointed in the right direction.
Electric Power
The E-Firestorm takes full advantage of all of the benefits of electric power; it's quiet, clean, powerful, and truly plug-and-play� no starter or fuel needed! Blazing power comes from a 15 turn Firebolt motor, controlled by an electronic speed control for complete control over throttle, brakes, and reverse. Add your choice of batteries like LiPo, 6-cell NiMh, and even 7-cell NiMh; they all fit easily in the E-Firestorm battery slot that gives secure and tool-free access to the batteries.
The Complete Package
From the tough all metal transmission gears to full adjustability of the suspension geometry, the E-Firestorm sets a new standard for ready-to-run stadium trucks. Full ball bearings, 15 turn motor, reversible ESC, silicone oil-filled threaded shocks - it's all there on the E-Firestorm, precision built from the factory. Top it off with your choice of a bright red or metallic silver custom screened DSX-2 body and your E-Firestorm is ready to hit the dirt!
15T Firebolt motor Provides performance and reliability
SC-15 Sport Control ESC w/reverse Smooth throttle response, reliable, reversible, includes on/off switch
Composite main chassis Light weight and durable
Suspension geometry and components from the Firestorm 10T Nimble handling and easy to drive in all conditions
Can use many existing Firestorm option parts Bolt directly on to maximize performance
Vertically adjustable front and rear camber links Easily adjustable to suit conditions and driving styles
Adjustable shock positions (3 upper and 2 lower) Adjustable to maximize suspension performance
Adjustable wheelbase Adjust the length of the truck to suit driving conditions
Adjustable rear toe and anti-squat Quick adjustment to fine tune handling
High quality thumbscrews on battery retainer Secure and tool-free access to the batteries. Fits most Lipo packs, 6-cell NiMh batteries, and even 7-cell NiMh batteries
Dual pad slipper clutch Protects the drive train on hard landings
Durable low-profile 2.6:1 ratio ALL METAL gear transmission Extremely durable and capable of handling very powerful motors
Sealed planetary gear differential Nearly zero maintenance, maximum reliability and convenience of tuning differential action with heavy weight silicone oils
Strong alloy steel dog bones Used for simplicity and durability
14 ball bearings throughout the drive train Maximum speed and efficiency
Turnbuckles used for each camber link and steering rod To allow fine adjustment of the suspension geometry to suit your driving style and track conditions
Threaded shock bodies Allows fine adjustment of ride height
Silicone oil filled shocks Highest performance and more consistent action in extreme temperatures
Aluminum 12mm wheel hex adapters used front and rear Compatible with all HPI 1/10th scale truck rear wheels. Allows many different wheel and tire combinations to adapt to driving conditions and numerous styling options
Alloy steel front axles Extremely durable
Captured hinge pin design used throughout No E-clips for easy maintenance
Lay down steering servo Lowest possible center of gravity
High quality hex head machine screws used throughout Simple maintenance
Adjustable height body mounts Allows a variety of body styles to fit the chassis for a custom look
Ground Assault taper pin rear tires and Front Line ribbed front tires For high traction and long life on nearly any surface
48 pitch pinion and spur gear For maximum efficiency and reliability, protected by a molded gear cover to keep debris away from the gears
Newly developed DSX-2 body Custom graphics to complement your style
10550 - E-Firestorm RTR (available with either blue or red body)

Comes complete with pre-painted body, electronics and radio gear (does not include stick pack + batteries).

Includes comprehensive instruction manual.