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HPI Racing Brama 10B 4WD Electric RTR RC Buggy - 10791

HPI Racing Brama 10B 4WD Electric RTR RC Buggy - 10791
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Product Description

RTR Brama 10B - Off Road action anywhere

Brand new and ready for off-road action is the totally fresh Brama 10B, the first electric 4WD buggy from HPI! It's made to be tough, affordable, easy to work on, and 4WD shaft driven for high grip. The Brama 10B comes completely ready-to-run and is uses clean and quiet electric power so driving is as easy as it gets, just charge and go!

Based on the tough E10 chassis, the Brama 10B has full-time 4WD for maximum traction on all off-road surfaces. We've added long suspension arms and long-stroke oil-filled shock absorbers to allow the Brama 10B to soak up rough terrain with ease. For durability and extra protection, a sealed shaft drivetrain keeps rocks and debris from slowing you down. You can keep the hammer down, the spiked Digger tires just keep going and going, biting and clawing through dirt, grass or hard-packed surfaces!

The Brama 10B comes pre-built with a reliable HPI transmitter, steering servo, and a reversible electronic speed control so it accelerates and steers with precise movements. The included rechargeable 7.2V battery pack delivers power to the Saturn 35T motor for realistic off-road action. Just pop some AA's in the transmitter, charge up the 7.2V battery pack with the included charger and you're ready to drive. It's topped off with a racing buggy body for good looks, and a large rear wing for stability when the going gets tough!

The Brama 10B is the quick, easy and friendly way to get into off-road action, priced low so anyone can grab the transmitter and experience the thrill of RC driving.


Brama 10B - Features  
Shaft Driven 4WD

Tough and durable, shaft drive is the perfect choice for fun and wild off-road action. It's sealed against debris like rocks and pebbles to help keep the drivetrain running smoothly.

Oiled-Filled Shocks

The Brama 10B uses racing-derived oil filled shock absorbers to soak up the bumps and keep you in full control.

Low Maintenance

Ball Bearings - the centerline transmission is ball bearing equipped for accurate gear mesh, long run times and low stress on the motor.

Low maintenance bevel gear diffs - so you can stay out having fun and don't have to deal with messy oils and greases.

Stick and Side by Side Battery Packs

The full range of available RC batteries can be used in the Brama 10B, including Ni-Cd, Ni-MH or the new Li-Po packs.

Tub Chassis

A sleek, enclosed tub chassis keeps dirt and debris away from the electronics and drivetrain, plus the close-fitting bodyshell seals everything up nicely.

Tough Nylon Double Wishbone Suspension

The sturdy, reinforced design of the suspension arms and the extra-tough plastic material means you can drive all day without breaking a thing.

Preset Motor Mounting Positions

Changing the gearing of the motor is extremely easy, thanks to preset mounting positions based on the pinion gear attached to the motor. No more worries about setting gear mesh or replacing stripped-out spur gears!

Durable Steel Dogbones

Everything about the drivetrain is overbuilt for strength and longevity, even the one-piece steel dogbones, which fit snugly into the axles and outdrives.

Durable Oversized Diff Outdrives

Strong and thick diff outdrives help make sure that you won't have any issues with the drivetrain transmitting power to the dogbones and wheels.

Multiple Shock Mounting Positions

To adjust ride height and damping, HPI designers provided the Brama 10B with 3 front and 2 rear shock positions, giving you a low-slung racing option or a powerful bashing machine with extra ground clearance.

Tough Nylon Steering Knuckles

To keep the Brama 10B pointing where you want to go, it uses extra-strong steering knuckles made from the famously tough HPI nylon compound.

12mm Hex Wheel Adapter

The standard-size hex hubs are compatible with Hot Bodies D4 racing wheels, allowing you to change tires to suit the driving surface you're attacking.

Tough Nylon Rear Uprights

HPI designers paid attention to the small details of the Brama 10B, including making sure that all of the suspension components can take the abuse of off-road running!

Full RTR Package

The Brama 10B is supplied fully Ready-To-Run (RTR), meaning it's factory-assembled right out of the box, electronics installed, fully painted, tires glued to the wheels and it even has all of the decals applied.

New HPI TG-1 radio

The all-new HPI TG-1 radio carries on the tradition of top-quality electronics gear from HPI. It looks great and feels nice in your hand, and the steering wheel design makes you feel like you're really driving the car!

1500mah NiMH battery with Overnight Charger

A battery and wall charger are included to complete the RTR package - with 1500 milliamps of juice you'll be on the track for a long time!

HPI EN-1 Electronic Forward & Reverse Speed Controller (up to 21 turns)

The powerful EN-1 electronic speed controller (ESC) is factory-installed. Set-up couldn't be easier, it automatically sets itself when you switch it on! An aluminum heat sink keeps the electronics cool, and reverse is included to help you get out of a jam.

"Digger" Off-Road Tires

Nothing says off-road like studded tires, and the hard compound Digger tires fitted to the Brama 10B are ideal for any type of off-road surface: grass, loose dirt, gravel, hard-pack and more!

Tough Nylon Front Bumper

When the inevitable happens and you touch an obstacle, the wide front bumper protects the suspension and drivetrain from damage and lets you carry on driving.

Pre-Painted Polycarbonate Bodyshell

Looking great and fitting precisely over the chassis, the Brama 10B bodyshell looks like a pure racing machine! Sleek looks combine with custom graphics, vents and high-downforce areas to make the Brama 10B look amazing!

Moulded Nylon Wing

The high-downforce wing supplied with the kit is made from extra-resilient high-impact nylon, so it can absorb crash damage and keep coming back for more. It also is covered with custom graphics to match the bodyshell so it looks fantastic!

Compatible E10 Option Parts

The Brama 10 shares many parts with the E10 on-road car, so it can fit many of the E10's option parts:

E10 center drive shaft

E10 optional pinion gears