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HPI Racing Baja 5T RTR 1/5th Scale RC Truck - 10620

HPI Racing Baja 5T RTR 1/5th Scale RC Truck - 10620
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Product Description

HPI Racing is proud to present the Baja 5T, a ready-to-run (RTR) 1/5th scale off-road truck that expands on the award-winning Baja 5B family. With the Baja 5T you get aggressive desert truck looks, high performance new features, and compatibility with many of the existing Baja 5B spare parts and option parts, wrapped up in a RTR package that gets you running in just a few minutes.



The Baja 5T was inspired by the latest generation of desert trucks that compete in the world famous Baja 1000 race in Mexico. The body was built for a perfect fit on the Baja 5T chassis, with sculpted fenders, scoops, louvers, and an integrated roll cage for authentic desert-tough looks. In true HPI RTR form, the body is completely ready to go right out the box... painted in your choice of black or white, mounted, pre-applied racing decals and tinted windows. Factor in the front skid plate bumper, Desert Buster tires mounted on Outlaw truck wheels with real bead locks, and you've got a truck that looks like it just rolled off the starting line in Ensenada.

But the Baja 5T goes way beyond looks, under the skin is a tough truck with the power to mow down anything in its path. Power comes from a massive 26cc gasoline engine, delivering rock solid performance, easy tuning and run times of more than 30 minutes on a single tank. The high performance 8,000 RPM clutch and new high flow muffler give the Baja 5T the power to launch with a roost of desert dirt on the way to a screaming top speed of more than 40 MPH.

For improved handling, the Baja 5T rear shock tower has been modified for increased rear suspension travel. All four shock absorbers have thick diameter shafts for extra durability. The VVC/HD shocks are tuned for smooth suspension dampening to help soak up the desert terrain. The innovative design of the Baja 5T includes a rigid 4mm aluminum alloy chassis for extreme durability.
Baja 5T-1 Truck Body

Tough 2mm polycarbonate Baja 5T-1 desert truck body. Pre-painted, pre-trimmed with body post holes, pre-applied racing decals and clear tinted windows.


VVC/HD Shock Set

Oil-filled coilover shock set with large diameter shock shafts for increased durability, 16 hole rear piston with sealing ring for consistent damping, fully adjustable design for tuning options.


Extended Roll Cage

Extra bracing for durability, extended upper roll cage for spark plug protection.


Outlaw Truck Wheels / Desert Buster tires

8-hole design, tough nylon construction, authentic bead-locks for durability and tuning options. Large diameter truck tires for realistic looks. Heavy duty rubber compound and thicker carcass for extra durability.


Fuelie 26 Engine (26cc)

26cc engine for more power, more torque, and more speed than 23cc engines. Equipped with a convenient pullstarter for quick and easy starting. A high capacity dual-element air filter keeps the engine running clean even in grueling off-road conditions, quick-change design for easy maintenance. Air cooled with built-in fan for consistent running temperatures. Fully adjustable carburetor with primer and kill switch. Now constructed using Torx screws for extra durability and easier maintenance, Torx T-27 wrench included.

Gasoline powered for low-cost operation compared to nitro fuel, easier to tune and more consistent than nitro engines. More than 30 minutes of run-time per tank.


All Metal Transmission Gears

With all that power on tap from the Fuelie 26 engine, you need incredible drivetrain durability for all those difficult off-road conditions that you'll be tackling with your Baja 5T - and that's exactly what you get with these all metal transmission gears!


Dirt Guards

The sides of the truck are protected by new guards that deflect dirt and debris away from the chassis which will not only help keep cleaning and maintenance down but will also help to lower wear and tear on the components. The engine also receives dirt guards on both sides for extra protection.


High Quality Radio Gear

The included TF-10 radio system is FM for excellent range and includes an adjustable failsafe system for extra protection. The SFL-10MG2 steering servo is a massive unit for quick steering and lots of torque. Standard equipment includes a new higher capacity 3000mah NiMH rechargeable receiver pack and an AC charger. The radio system is protected by a sealed housing with an external charging jack, and both servos are water resistant designs that allow the Baja 5T to be driven in extreme off-road conditions.

The Baja 5T comes ready-to-run with a high quality 3-channel FM radio with excellent range, a high torque metal-gear steering servo, failsafe equipped receiver, throttle servo and a 3000 mAh rechargeable Ni-MH receiver battery pack. The critical electronics are enclosed in a water resistant compartment to shield them from the elements.


Disc Brake System - Braking is controlled by a vented steel/aluminum hybrid brake rotor and semi-metallic brake pads for smooth and consistent stopping power.
Truck Body Mounts - Tough nylon construction and 8 mounting points keep the truck body securely mounted, fully adjustable design for compatibility.
moulded Rear Spoiler - moulded nylon rear spoiler for stable handling. moulded nylon rear body brace for body protection, includes provisions for optional rear LED tail lights.
aluminum Alloy Diff Case - For increased drivetrain durability and extended time between maintenance.
Heavy Duty Rear Dogbones - Metal construction with rubber dirt boots for extra durability with high horsepower engines like the Fuelie 26.
Front Skid Plate Bumper - Adjustable skid plate front bumper protects the truck on big jumps, now with 4 headlights for realistic Trophy Truck looks.
Dirt Guards - New side guards deflect dirt and debris away from the chassis. The engine also receives dirt guards on both sides for extra protection.
Full Ball Bearings - 23 precision metal ball bearings for efficiency, durability, and extended maintenance intervals.
Front & Rear Sway Bars - Sway bars are used on the front and rear suspension for precise handling and stable steering feel.
Modified Rear Shock Tower Brace - Relocates shocks for increased rear suspension travel for stable performance on rough surfaces and soft landings over jumps.
Heavy Duty Inner Foam - Special heavy duty rear inner foam inserts for extra durability and extended tire life.
Revised Gearing - New 19T transmission top gear adapts the drive ratio for quick acceleration and high top speed when using truck tires.
High Flow Muffler - Large capacity design, tuned for increased horsepower.
SFL-10MG2 Metal Gear Steering Servo - Tough metal final gears for extra durability and reliable steering. Ball bearing equipped and water resistant. This oversized steering servo has high torque specs, making it a perfect match for the Baja 5T.
Heavy Duty Beadlocks - Reinforced design increases durability of the wheels and tires. Beadlocks allow the removal and replacement of individual parts of the wheels and tires for maintenance.
8000 RPM Clutch - Lightweight clutch and heavy duty spring launches the Baja 5T at higher RPM for more punch off the line.
Anodized aluminum Parts - Black anodized 4mm 6061-T6 aircraft grade extruded and CNC milled chassis, orange and gunmetal anodized alloy parts give the Baja 5T an aggressive look.
Double Wishbone Suspension - Full double wishbone front and rear suspension to soak up off-road bumps and jumps. Consistent geometry throughout the full stroke of the suspension movement for precise handling.
Adjustable Suspension - Turnbuckles for quick and easy adjustment of toe-in. Fully adjustable camber and caster for tuning the handling to a wide variety of conditions. High quality nylon is used throughout the suspension for protection from crash damage.
#10620 Baja 5T RTR

Comes pre-assembled marked Black or White. 1/5th scale 2WD truck with Fuelie 26cc gasoline engine,
FM radio set, SFL-MG2 servo, and painted body.