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HPI Gas Firestorm 10T RTR RC Truck - 10510

HPI Gas Firestorm 10T RTR RC Truck - 10510
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Product Description

There's a storm brewing on the horizon... A FIRESTORM!
Introducing the HPI Firestorm 2WD RTR stadium truck! This amazing 2WD stadium truck features all-new design specifications, cool racing attributes and a fresh direction for HPI's high quality entry level nitro truck line-up!
Erik Shauver
Firestorm Designer


Superb Design Heritage
Designer Erik Shauver put all his design experience from designing HPI's high performance cars, like the Hellfire and the Pro 4, into the Firestorm. It combines the latest advances in RC racing truck technology and suspension design to set a new benchmark in 2WD stadium trucks.

In the HPI line up the Firestorm replaces the hugely popular HPI Nitro Rush with a big performance increase at about the same price.

It's easy to spot the Firestorm's design heritage from the Hellfire in the sleek black look, the subdued chassis anodizing, and the smart and efficient layout. Many design features of the high spec Hellfire have been carried over - from the black upper deck, the complete set of hex screws, the captured hinge pins front and rear, and the next-level suspension design and layout!
HPI thought of everything when it came to remaking the 2WD stadium truck. You get a huge power increase from a new, stronger pullstart G3.0 engine and an all-new chassis design to bring racing like performance to a rock solid entry level truck.


Performance Driven Design
Race-inspired features give great handling on all surfaces from open fields, parks, even to your local racing track. The dual-deck design features a 3mm aluminum main chassis and an aluminum upper deck. A low-profile 75cc fuel tank and lay down steering servo help provide a very low center of gravity (CG). A full set of turnbuckles allows you to adjust camber and front toe. The rear toe and anti-squat angles are adjustable using pivot blocks, just like on the high-spec racing buggies. Real oil-filled shocks absorb all bumps and jumps and keep the tires on the ground. Real silicone shock oil is used to provide consistent performance in all temperatures. The shocks even feature threaded shock bodies for easy spring adjustments, and the many shock mounts (3 upper, 2 lower) give a multitude of tuning possibilities. 16 ball bearings provide maximum drive train efficiency for faster top speed and durability. Wide-track suspension and all-new tires front and rear give the Firestorm superb control. Providing extra grip and control are the new square-pin Ground Assault rear tires get the power to the ground and asymmetric dual-edge Front Line tires to keep the Firestorm pointed in the right direction.
The Firestorm is as durable as it is nimble, giving you maximum enjoyment under any conditions! The aluminum main chassis and upper deck combine with the steel chassis brace to make the Firestorm extremely stiff. A dual-pad slipper clutch protects the drivetrain from rough landings, while the 0.8 module clutch bell and spur gear are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability. The transmission features a 4.11 to 1 ratio and a sealed planetary gear differential, allowing you to tune the performance of the truck with different diff oils. Stopping the Firestorm is a fiber disk brake actuated by easy to adjust linkage. The steel center chassis brace provides extra stiffness and keeps the gear mesh between the spur and clutch bell consistent. Steel alloy front axles and rear dogbones take the extreme punishment of bashing and racing in the worst possible environments. Protecting the electronics are sealed compartments for the battery pack and receiver, protecting them from the elements and strategically placed for optimum weight balance.
The little details weren't missed out either. You can see the designer's perfection in every Firestorm feature such as: a two-stage foam air filter with a 90-degree rubber elbow, fuel tube clips to keep the tubing out of the way of rotating parts, an innovative battery wire routing system, adjustable body posts to fit a variety of optional bodyshells, piston brake caliper actuation, high-flow manifold and silicone tuned pipe coupling and rubber mounts for the fuel tank. All this shows how much HPI listened to devoted owners and fans of stadium nitro RC trucks!

On the power front the Firestorm features the new HPI Nitro Star G3.0 engine. This new high output engine features a racing standard SG shaft for better power transfer to the transmission. An aluminum crankcase with cooling fins and large heat sink head provide optimal cooling for long engine life and consistent performance. An aluminum tuned pipe and one-piece manifold give maximum torque and raw stump-pulling power!

A reliable, easy pull starter and a dual stage foam filter round out the engine package to make it the ultimate power source.
Low profile dual deck design for low center of gravity
Pre-painted aerodynamic bodyshell with huge rear spoiler for extra traction, trimmed and already mounted!
Easy access to the engine, carburetor and pull start - quick starting and simple to get to everything you need
High-power G3.0 engine with dual-stage foam air filter and race-style carburetor for maximum performance
Twin-chamber aluminum tuned pipe with curved manifold for extra torque and massive top speed!
The transmission uses a 4.11 to 1 gear ratio for optimized off-road track use
Suspension designed for ultimate control and grip in any off-road situation
Front and rear wheels use the 12mm HPI stepped hex hub adapter, so replacement wheels are easy to find, and Nitro MT 2 wheels fit also
Brand new mini-pin rear racing tires for great forward traction and braking capabilities on a wide variety of surfaces
Asymmetrically ribbed front tires for great straight-line tracking as well as perfect control in the corners
The composite shock bodies are threaded for infinite adjustability and fitted with tuned racing springs
Innovative wire routing prevents damage to the battery wires and allows convenient switch mounting
Low-profile fuel tank incorporates a stone fuel filter and sits in the middle of the chassis for perfect weight balance at all times
Alloy axles are strong and lightweight, spinning on sealed ball bearings for maximum efficiency
Sealed radio box protects the receiver from dust and fuel spills, and keeps all the wires securely in one place
Integrated servo saver protects the steering servo, while the tilted bellcrank steering arms work with the suspension to prevent bump-steer
Dual pad slipper clutch protects the drivetrain on hard landings
Sealed battery box placed at the rear for optimal weight distribution
fiber brake disk with piston actuation for strong, smooth braking
Bell crank steering with integral servo saver for precise steering
Adjustable height body mounts to allow a variety of body styles
Threaded shock bodies for fine adjustment of ride height
Newly developed tires and inserts for good overall handling with long life on all surfaces
Easy-adjust turnbuckle camber links allow precise adjustment of suspension geometry
Adjustable shock positions (3 upper and 2 lower) at each corner to allow your truck to be adjusted to suit conditions
Alloy steel front axles for durability and strength
New suspension geometry for increased stability and easier driving
Savage inspired components for maximum durability and reliability
A 3mm aluminum main chassis to serve as the rigid backbone of the Firestorm
High quality carburetor and brake linkages used for easy adjustment and maximum control
Captured hinge pins means no more losing e-clips and increased durability
Lay down steering servo for lowest possible center of gravity
Adjustable rear toe and anti squat to keep your truck easy to drive in most conditions
Sealed planetary gear differential for maximum reliability and the convenience of tuning diff action with heavy weight silicone oils
A steel center chassis brace keeps the spur gear and clutch bell mesh consistent, even in hard landings
Low profile 75cc fuel tank included for a lower center of gravity
Length: 16.73 in. (425mm)
Front Width: 12.80 in. (325mm)
Rear Width: 12.87 in. (327mm)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2.04 Kg)
Wheelbase: Adjustable


From 'bashers' to racers - the Firestorm has plenty for everyone. The pre-assembled chassis and painted & trimmed body are ideal for the nitro newcomer, while the pure racing technology imbued in the truck make it clear that it can take anything you can throw at it! Racing enthusiasts will marvel at all the features included with the Firestorm, while new RC hobbyists will simply enjoy the benefits of HPI's years of experience in making high quality RC products!

The Firestorm is pre-assembled right out of the box - from the factory-fitted radio gear and G3.0 engine to the painted and trimmed desert truck racer bodyshell! The reliable HPI TF-1 AM radio system provides all the control you'll need.


Ready-To-Run (RTR) Firestorm Truck.

Includes pre-painted, pre-decaled bodyshell, radio gear and electronics.