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Hot! High Quality Esky 36G RC Servo

Hot! High Quality Esky 36G RC Servo
Item# EK2-0501_Servo36G
Price: $9.95
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Product Description

ESKY 36G Servo

(1) Speed: 0.22s/60  
(2) Torque: 3.2KG/CM  
(3) Weight: 36.0g  
(4) Dimension: 40.4 x 19.8 x 36mm  
(5) Certificate: CE,FCC,RoHS  
(6) Color:black  
(7) Wire length:280mm  
(8) Wire color:white,red,black 
[Products explain:]
Fast speed servo which is made with a heavy duty servo case in our company has been
instead of the formal servo, with this fast speed servo you can use it for helicopter,
airplane glider and so on. 
Model Size  (L*W*H) Weight 4.8V -6.0V
Speed  Torque
mm/in g oz (sec/60)
EK2-0501 40.4*19.8*36 36 1.27 0.22sec/60(4.8v) 3.2(4.8v)