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Heli+Cam 4-Channel Esky Honey Bee RC Helicopter with Wireless Spy Camera , Brand New!!!
Heli+Cam 4-Channel Esky Honey Bee RC Helicopter with Wireless Spy Camera , Brand New!!!
Item# ESKY004A_Color12
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Product Description

Brand New 4-Channel Esky Honey Bee RC Helicopter with Wireless Spy Color Camera , Brand New!!!

If you have ever dreamt of relaxing on your CEO chair and fly a high-tech gadget, guess what???! You've just found it! And for a limited time, we are also including an DO-IT-YOURSELF RC Mini Wireless SpyCam with the Helicopter.  The Idea is that you can install the Mini Color Wireless Cam on the helicopter, but it requires a little skill and help from the internet to do so....still, the mini spy cam is ready to use out of the box, and you can use that to spy on anything you want.

Yes, a mini-spy cam that is wireless !!!  This is Perfect for Nanny-Cam, R/C Helicopter, Car, Airplane, Walking Robot, Dogs and Cats and Mice and all types of Pets, Security-Cam, Project,  The cam is completely new, and includes everything you ever need to spy on things you never could imagine you would be seeing!!! And best of all, you can incorporate this micro-size pinhole with your helicopter, airplane, or rc car. Although it requires some skills to solder the camera onto the helicopter, it is not hard.  Anyhow, it's still quite fun to work on a project like this.  Get some friends together and help you install the camera onto the Helicopter and waah-laa, you got a piece of device like it just came out of the James Bond movie!!!

dragonfly r/c helicopter

*BRAND NEW* ADVANCED 4-Channel R/C Helicopter + a Full 6-CH Radio Control Transmitter !!! NEW IN BOX !!! READY TO FLY IN MINUTES ...and for a limited time, we are including an DO-IT-YOURSELF mini wireless color cam complete kit for you to spy on things you never imagine you would able to see!!!

See where you fly and fly from your TV.   Now you can record your flights to your VCR, computer, DVD burner, or digital camera. The camera is totally wireless and transmits in full motion, color, and sound. Amaze yourself and others or even do a little surveillance on your neighborhood. We have a lot of military customers that love these units and have actually been used on real military operations.

Order today and we will include the 4 channel Thunderbird helicopter completely assembled with remote control and the wireless camera.

Fly your new remote control helicopter right inside your house. Land it on your tv, kitchen table, or floor.

About the Helicopter
dragonfly r/c helicopter

Create Perfect Life of Amusement with this Advanced New Concept Helicopter !!!

  • 4-Ch Radio Controllerd Electric Powered Helicopter Series

    The E-SKY DragonFly is a Mini Wireless Controlled Electronic Helicopter is an up-to-date high-tech product. It consists of three major sections: helicopter mechanical structure (including fuselage, main rotor), electronic control equipment (including battery, electronic mixed controller, and gyroscope), and remote control unit (including remote transmitter, receiver, and servo). It can simulate most flying attitudes of modem helicopter, such as hanging in the air, rolling, yawing, and moving forwards and backward. It offers unimaginable flying performance and flying performance and flying time period to help you make your flying dream come true. At the same time, it is compact, and easy to operate. In particular, it's unique framework structure with high strength offers high crash-resistance beyond comparison of any other model helicopter, cutting your flying cost considerably.

  • Equipped with precision electronic gyroscope to stabilized flying posture and provide emulational flying effect.
  • High-speed strong magnetic motor is used to get powerful lift.
  • Free control of 360 degree, easy and simple manipulation.
  • Compatible with FEDA Heli Parts

    1. R/C ESky Honey Bee Ready To Fly Helicopter (include all components, fully assembled)
    2. 4 Channel Radio Control Transmitter FM 72Mhz
    3. 110V Quick Battery Charger
    4. Serial Kit For Computer Flight Simulation
    5. Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Main rotor diameter 520mm
    Weight 290g
    Power system 370 motor
    Transmitter standard 4 CH
    Mix controller 4 in 1 controller (w/Gyro,mixer,ESC,receiver)
    Servo 8.0g,1.3kg / CM, 0.13S/60
    Battery 8.4V-650 mAh Ni-MH

    dragonfly r/c helicopter

    Wireless Spy Camera Easy as 1-2-3 to install !!! Takes less than 3 minutes to set the whole system up and running !!!

    The Camera is the  worlds smallest yet most powerful wireless camera of its kind. New high power 1.2 GHz teacnology provides 300ft range of transmition with solid stability and will not be interfered by crowded 2.4GHz signals. Great for portable video surveillance or for hobbies. The camera and the built-in transmitter only uses about 150mA of power and operates for up to  8 hours on 9 V battery.  The "minicam" all-in-one color video camera is one of the world's smallest color video cameras with built in transmitter available. Utilizing 1.2 GHz technology, we're breaking new ground in aerial video surveillance technology. And now with this minicam, you have the coolest flying machine in the world equipped with a full color video camera! Amazing. The minicam weighs only 1/3 oz. (9 grams) and comes complete with a color camera, transmitter, and receiver. The minicam is a perfect addition to Micro Helis, Larger RC Helis, RC Planes, Cars and many other applications.

    Up to 300 feet ( Clear line of sight )
    - 1/3 color CMOS
    - 330 TV line, 5.5 mm ( 60deg angle lens )
    - 9V DC, 150mA (up to 8 hours on 9V batt)
    - 0.8" x 0.8"x .75"

    - 1 ch. tuning receiver 
    - 12V DC, 300 mA
    Included Items:

    Wireless Color Camera
    Wireless Receiver
    Power Adapters
    Video Cable
    9V battery clip