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GoldEagle XXL FIREBIRD 3-Channel R/C Airplane RC Glider (REFURBISHED)

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Product Description

Goldeagle XXL ready to fly 3 channel plane (REFURBISHED)

It’s an awesome model and will fly slowly. It behaves beautifully and glides pretty good !!!


The XXL is approx. 20% bigger than the GoldEagle 2 and the Firebird XL 400. The wing is wider and has less dihedral The tail is huge and the control surfaces take up a large proportion of the available area. It has a Hi - power 400 motor driving a deep pitch prop that gives outstanding thrust to weight. In simple terms the things a rocket, it will out turn, out climb and out fly EVERY OTHER MODEL OF ITS TYPE. It will fly upside down, do inverted loops.You can even put the XXL on its side and use the elevator to turn it like F16 fighter.

Flight times on full power are about 10mins. On reduced throttle it is less but to be honest I don’t care. The only time I reduced the throttle was when the battery cut.

OK so what happened! Well first impression was the quality of the transmitter, its really nice and doesn’t feel like a cheap bit of kit

Assembly was easy. Basically you charge the battery and use the supplied rubber bands. The undercarriage uses a couple of screws and your ready to fly!!

First flight was a bit of a eye opener as everyone who tries to read my ramblings knows that I am a hand launch person, so I got ready and checked the wind (YES I did a range check first).

So I whacked full throttle and gave it a throw and well I swore, it shot off at a hell of a rate. Its a long time since I flew a Ready to fly that made me sweat, that first few seconds its a scrabble to keep up with her! So of she went, I got some height and started to trim her out. At half throttle she was flying hands off.

Did a circuit and then started to throw her about, Wow! My first thoughts were that it goes some, rate of turn was brilliant and using the elevator in the turn gets the nose whipped round very smartly. Got in some very tight loops. At the top of the loop, feed in some down elevator and your flying inverted- feed in some more and you can do a inverted loop, full right at the top just before the stall and you’ve rolled out and your straight and level.

All too quickly for me the motor cut out (its supposed to when the battery gets low) so it was a turn into the wind for a lovely gentle landing (Without any walking involved!)

I have to say that you need quick reactions for this model, Its not hard to fly but it is very quick. I liked it a lot!! People at the field commented on how good looking the XXXL was and I think I upset a few of the “oldies” by flying rings round them with “ one of those awful ready to fly planes”) PAH!

RTF 3-Channel Airplane
Product Name: GOLD EAGLE XXL
Wing span: 43.7"/1110mm Carbon
Length: 35"/ 889 mm
Weight: 16.5 oz / 468g
Hi-power 380 Motor
3 channels,27Mhz FM
Throttle:   Proportional Speed Controller
Duration:  16+ minutes
Range:    Over 1600 Feet

Product Condition

This Less-Than-New Product is functional but may be slightly used or blemished. It has been carefully inspected and repackaged.  Limited Stocks!