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Goldeagle 2 XL 3-CH Radio Remote Control Airplane

Goldeagle 2 XL 3-CH Radio Remote Control Airplane
Item# go2xl3rareco

Product Description

The easiest flying R/C plane ever!
Thanks to its innovative Flight-Trak control system, your Goldeagle can be flown smoothly and accurately with just two simple controls; steering and proportional throttle. The throttle provides for climb, cruise, or descent-the steering means you literally steer your plane left and right through the sky. Fact is, Flying a Goldeagle is a lot like driving a radio controlled car. You're virtually guaranteed a successful, funfilled RC flying adventure.

Left Steering
Right Steering

All the great features of the origional Goldeagle and more!
BIGGER: 40 inch span
MORE POWER: Takes off from the ground with ease
LONGER DURATION: Over 16 minute flights
BETTER CONTROL: Improved surfaces
FlIGHT TRAK: Control system makes flying virtually goof-proof


Wingspan: 41"
Length: 28.5"
Weight: 16oz
Motor: Hi-power 380
Radio: 3-CH 27MHz FM
Throttle: Proportional
Steering: Proportional
Duration: 16+ Minutes
Range: Over 1600 ft
Wing Spar: Carbon
Crash Shield: Stainless Steel