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Special!!! Gee Bee - 120" ARF Airplane Model Nitro Radio Remote Control Gas RC Plane
Special!!! Gee Bee - 120" ARF Airplane Model Nitro Radio Remote Control Gas RC Plane
Item# Gas_GeeBee120
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Product Description

Gee Bee - 120  ARF Airplane Model Top quality wood construction with fiberglass fuselage
Comes with all hardware and accessories.

In the history of aviation, the period from the late 1920s to the mid-1930s was known as "The Golden Age of Air Racing". A time when aviation was still in its infancy. Air races were sponsored by well intentioned entrepreneurs offering thousands of dollars in prize money during the money-tight Great Depression, hence aircraft builders were enticed to produce race planes. The reality of flight soon progressed from flimsy aircraft with questionable power and poor controls, to aircraft designed for one purpose - speed- Aviation pioneers from the military, aircraft companies, as well as lone individuals strove for the glory of crossing the finishing line first.

Thus entered the Granville brothers of Springfield, Massachusetts, who were building two seat biplanes for private use (the Gee Bee Model A). These gentlemen went on to build some of the most famous race planes of that era. Aircraft that won many races and set new speed records, making use of new and bold design concepts to squeeze as much speed out of the powerplants as possible.


Wing span:71 in / 1800mm
Wing area: 829sq in /53.5 sq dm

Flying weight:  9.2 lb / 4200g

Fuselage length: 47.3 in / 1200 mm

Engine Required:   4c 0.91-120 cu in
Radio Required:  4 channels,5 servos



Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.

Due to the United States Post Office's International shipping size limit, we can not ship this item outside of the United States, except Canada.