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Gaui Hurricane 200SD (Shaft Drive) Carbon Fiber ARF 3D RC Helicopter (Including BL Motor & ESC)

Gaui Hurricane 200SD (Shaft Drive) Carbon Fiber ARF 3D RC Helicopter (Including BL Motor & ESC)
Item# Gaui-Heli_203915_Hurricane200-SD
Price: $349.95
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Product Description




  • The tiniest 3D capable helicopter equipped with all CNC precision metal parts.
  • Equipped with the fiber glass painted canopy.
  • Light-weight 3D canopy ( 9g ) for option.
  • Kit comes with BL motor and ESC.
  • Only a short time needed for completion. (95% factory assembled)
  • The best servo position for CCPM swash plate. All linkages which link to the swash plate are all vertical to the servo arms.
  • Shaft driven tail rotor system with one-way main gear.
  • 1mm thick CF mainframe and fin set.
  • The swash plate and the rotor head system equipped with all Precision CNC titanium anodized aluminum.
  • CNC titanium anodized aluminum and CF composite result in a light weight and rigid tail gear case.
  • CNC tail rotor grips and 2-bearing tail pitch slider produces precision tail control.
  • Fully equipped ball bearings.(34 micro bearings)
  • Seesaw head with bell-hiller system.
  • CCPM collective pitch mechanism (variable pitch).
  • Extensive upgrade parts and option parts available.


  • Overall length: 415mm (including cabin & canopy)
  • Main rotor diameter: 428mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 100mm
  • Motor: KV4800 brushless motor (included)
  • ESC : 12A ESC (included)
  • Flying weight: 230g ~ 250g (It may vary according to size of a battery pack and R/C gears.)
  • Main rotor blades: SP Blades(included) or Wooden(option)
  • Flying duration: 7~8 minutes with 7.4v/800mah Li-Po battery

Items needed for assembly:

  • 6 (or more) channel heli-capable transmitter (with CCPM function)
  • 4 Micro servos (BMS 306BB servo is recommended)
  • 6 (or more) channel micro receiver
  • Gyro ( GU -210 heading hold gyro or higher level are recommended)
  • Battery : Li-Po battery (7.4v~11.1v/800mah)
  • Charger: Li-Po battery charger