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PSP2000 6in1 KIT

PSP2000 6in1 KIT
Item# GAMES_PSP_FS22056
Price: $0.99

Product Description


Transparent protective cover for your brand new PSP 2000/Lite!
Shoulder buttons, headphone jack and the power jack are all accessible (i.e. you can charge your PSP 2000/Lite whilst it's protected)
Tremendous transparent anti-shock case, secure snap closure ensures safety.
Designed especially to help protect your portable console from dirt or scratch damage
Keep your PSP console safe away from harm with this Crystal Protective Cover.
Not only looks great but will also provide protection.

Packing content:

1 x Crystal Anti-Shock protector cover for PSP Slim/Lite 2000

1 x Screen Protector

1 x Cleaning Cloth

2 x Add-on buttons

1 x PSP2000 whistle

1 x PSP2000 strap