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Wii Airplane Controller Stand

Wii Airplane Controller Stand
Item# GAMES_Wii_FS19089
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Product Description

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  • The installation and dismantling sketch of cupules
  • The using sketch of the airplane controller
  • Can be used to play airplane games.
  • Ingenious structure design, flexible and diverse angle regulation, you can play the game conveniently and have more sense when you play games.
  • One cupules accompanied with this you can absorb the controller to the table and teapoy wherever you want. The multi-angle adjustable knob can adapt to different height position.
  • Adapt different aged player to using, lessen your tiredness from the longtime playing.
  • Control the airplane to fly up.
  • Control the airplane to fly down.
  • Control the airplane to fly left side.
  • Control the airplane to fly right side.
  • Turn over clock wisely.
  • Turn over counter clock wisely.


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1 X Wii Airplane Controller Stand