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Wii adaptor + charge cradle

Wii adaptor + charge cradle
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Product Description

*It have two types:Europe version(AC 160-270V) and USA version(AC80-160V). 

*It can charge both the Wii console and Wii controller batteries.

*The adaptor output voltage:DC 12V/3.7A

*Battery box can autoconditioning the charge current by CPU according to the feature of the battery and surroundings temperature.The Max current can reach 1000mAh to charge fast.

*It can charge the Wii controller or charge the battery box alone,you can change the battery at random.

*You can control the two groups of charge independently.It comes with the funtion of passing voltage,passing current,passing charge and protecting short circuit.You can activate discharge battery.

*Timer inside,it's broken off automatically after 5 hours of charge,to avoid bad battery cann't be full charged and you cann't break off the charge when you keep charging.