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On Nitro Gas Cars

On Nitro Gas Cars


Should I get an electric or nitro powered radio-controlled car?

      This is one of the most important questions that most beginners over look. Nitro powered cars are a lot faster and required more driving skill to control. There is also more Maintenance required because of the nitro engine. The user will need to learn and understand engine tuning and mechanics of basic hobby engines. Strong parental supervision is recommended for users under 16 years of age.
      Electric powered cars are much simpler and require less maintenance than nitro. The user simply charges the batteries and run the car. Very little adjusting is needed. Recommended for beginners.

What additional items are needed to drive my car?

      If you have a nitro-powered car then you will need the following items: 12 AA batteries, Glow Heater (G70402), High quality car model fuel 20%, Flat head screwdriver, Fuel bottle
      If you have an electric powered car then you will need the following items: 8 AA batteries, 7.2-volt battery, 7.2-volt battery charger

Can I use different tires on my car?

      You may use any brand of tire as long as it fits on the wheel. The Fun Factor wheels take 2.2 tires and our GX1 or SP1 take normal 24/26mm sedan tires.

If my engine is running hot what do I do?

      If your engine is running too hot you need to richen up the fuel mixture. This means the engine needs more fuel to lower the temperature.

Why will my car not start?

      99% of the time when our customers cant get there engines to start is because they didn't charge or install a fresh battery into there glow igniter.

How do I stop/stall my engine?

      The best way to stall the engine is to simply run it out of fuel. To stall the engine quickly, simply cut-off the exhaust with a rag or your finger. Be careful the pipe may be hot.

My electric car rolls slowly or does not stop in neutral?

      You need to adjust your throttle trim. Turning the knob in one direction will make the car roll faster, turning the knob the other way will make the car stop.

Do your cars have reverse?

      Our electric cars do have reverse. Our nitro-powered cars/trucks do not have reverse.

What % of fuel should I use?

We highly recommend using 20% fuel.