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3-Channel FireBird 400 Radio Remote Control RC RTF Airplane R/C Plane RTF
3-Channel FireBird 400 Radio Remote Control RC RTF Airplane R/C Plane RTF
Item# MAW030_Firebird
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Product Description

Now you can launch with a rolling take-off and shoot touch-and-go's. Firebird 400's ready-to-fly never been this much fun. Like the original, the Firebird 400 includes everything you need to fly in one package. This includes a 3-channel transmitter and a rechargeable NiMH battery pack with a wall charger. It also features the same super simple 3-channel flight control system that the original Firebird uses.

FireBird Airplane

FireBird Airplane
Simplicity and fantastic flying manners with size, power, and landing gear!

FireBird Airplane
You can assemble the Firebird 400 and have it flying almost as soon as you get it home from the shop. The whole assembly process only takes about 15 minutes, and you may need an hour or two to charge up the battery for the first flight.

FireBird Airplane
The Firebird 400 has a larger 40" wingspan, bigger fuselage, and more powerful Mabuchi 380 motor allow it to be flown in windier conditions. Beginners shouldn't fly it with any more wind than about 8 mph, but experienced pilots should be able to fly the Firebird 400 with confidence in 12-15 mph winds.

FireBird Airplane

Climb performance is outstanding.

Wing span: ~40"
Length: ~28"
Weight: 16 oz
Motor: hi-power 380

Radio: 3 Channel
Throttle:  proportional
Duration: 16+ minutes
Range:   over 1600 feet

FireBird Airplane

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