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Ferrari Enzo 1/10 Electric Radio Remote Control Rally Sports Car, Complete Kit VH-32

Ferrari Enzo 1/10 Electric Radio Remote Control Rally Sports Car, Complete Kit VH-32
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Price: $89.95
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Product Description

VH-32 Rally Sport Racing 1/10 Scale Model Sport R/C Ferrari Enzo Radio Remote Control Car, Complete Kit

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Here's your chance to get a complete kit of  painted and detailed touring car with all the electronics included! It can be ready to run in a matter of hours.

This 1/10 Rally Sports car is the perfect way to get started in R/C! The box even includes a 7.2v battery, overnight AC charger and of course high quality radio gears and parts!

The 1/10 Rally Sports was designed and built just for people new to the R/C hobby and folks who aren't sure if they want to go racing yet. With the 1/10 Rally Sports, it's easy to move from running in your driveway to racing at your local track!

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Fun to drive!
The 1/10 scale Rally Racer is easy to drive and control, making it fun to drive with friends and other racers!

Product Description
PEAST540 motors provide the strong low speed twisting force for the vehicle, and transmit by the black mid-shaft, the strong pull enables the car make fierce dash.
The lightweight bevel transmission has smooth feature and great adjustable capability; it provides the excellent step for the sports car.
The application of pro-lever shaft driven reduces effectively shake and makes the car drive smoothly.
Equipped with adjustable the obliquity & reduced angle suspension system, it makes the car drive on any road surface.
The front buffer protection set reduces the impulsive force while impacting, so as to avoid any damage to the car.
The bathtub chassis itself made from top-quality nylon, it has well anti-wallop and will not out of shape.

Total length: 380mm
Total width: 190mm
Axle distance: 260mm
Steer distance(front, rear): 172 or 182mm
Steer diameter: 66mm
Gear scale: 6.2:1
Weight: 1080g
Motor: RC-540

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The bodies and wheels that are included with each kit make it easy to imagine you are racing the world's fastest cars! With the Ferrari Enzo body and the Mercedes-Benz CLK, you put yourself in the driver's seat for maximum fun!

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Quality electronics!
With an quality-made radio transmitter, servo and receiver,electronic speed control and turn motor, you'll know you can count on the equipment that is preinstalled on the Rally Car

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Tough and durable! Low maintenance! A great choice!
The Rally Car VH-32 is a great way to get started in R/C, or in touring cars if you're already familiar with the hobby. It's tough, reliable, packed with great features and fits many existing options like wheels, tires and bodies.