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Airsoft Guns
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What is Airsoft
Airsoft is a military simulation sport in which players participate in mock combat with military-style mock weapons and tactics. Airsoft guns usually use 6 mm spherical pellets typically made of solid plastic.

Airsoft refers to a class of replica air powered guns that originated from Japan (although the origins go back to the US in the 70s). The power levels are way below those of traditional airguns, but the guns are 1:1 scale copies of original pistols, rather than original designs.

Airsoft guns
The guns used in airsoft are typically replicas of real firearms. Airsoft guns can be divided into three groups by what powers them: spring powered, electric powered, and gas-powered.

Spring powered

Spring-powered airsoft guns (often called "springers" or "spring guns") are single-shot devices that use potential energy stored in a spring to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel of the gun. The user must cock a spring gun prior to each shot much like you would a real shotgun or bolt-action rifle. This is typically achieved by pulling back the slide (pistols) or bolt (rifles), which in turn compresses the spring and makes the gun ready to fire. Because of this these guns are incapable of automatic or semi-automatic fire.

While most electric guns also use springs for this they are not considered to be in the same category as the single-shot spring-powered guns. Low-end spring guns tend to be much cheaper than their electric-powered equivalents due to their simplicity and cost of components (spring assembly vs. spring assembly, electric motor, battery, and battery charger) and thus are widely available. These guns are less suited for competition because they are at a disadvantage against automatic guns in close combat and don't provide enough accuracy and power for long-range uses. Higher-end spring-powered airsoft rifles can be quite expensive; these guns are typically suited for "sniper" applications in airsoft matches and can provide competitive muzzle velocities.

An example of a spring gun, Classic Army M24 Socom Spring Sniper Raffle
Gas powered
Gas-powered airsoft guns use pressurized gas to propel pellets. These guns are capable of automatic and semi-automatic operation. The most common gases used are propane (usually referred to as "green gas" by airsoft players) and HFC134a refrigerant. Less commonly used gases include CO2 and nitrogen.

Gas power tends to be used in airsoft pistols where size constraints make electric-powered mechanisms impractical. Other instances where gas is favored are where adjustable velocities are required or where a blow-back feature is desired. A blow-back feature is a mechanism which cycles a slide or bolt to better simulate a real firearm's operation. Because of the mechanical complexities involved with distributing and regulating gas these guns have largely given way to electric guns for less specialized applications.

An example of a Gas Blowback pistol., KWA G18C Full Auto Airsoft Gas Blowback
Electric powered
Electric-powered airsoft guns typically use a bank of rechargeable batteries to drive an electric motor, which cycles an internal piston/spring assembly in order to launch pellets. Automatic and semi-automatic operation is possible which gives these guns the popular name "automatic electric guns" or AEG's. These guns often attain muzzle velocities of 200 to 300 feet per second (60 to 90 m/s) and fire rates of 300 to 700 rounds per minute and are by far the most common and widely available airsoft guns in serious competition use today.

These guns were originally developed in Japan, and the Japanese model giant Tokyo Marui dominates the market today with many quality models. In a Marui AEG, the motor drives a series of 3 gears mounted inside a gearbox. The gears then compress a piston assembly against a spring. Once the piston is released, the spring drives it forward through the cylinder to push a pellet into the chamber, through the barrel, and forward from the muzzle. Many manufacturers have now more or less replicated this basic model, adding reinforced parts or minor improvements.


Airsoft BB guns have a relatively long history. Designed and marketed her in the United States about 30 years ago by a major BB gun manufacturer, AirSoft was conceptualized as a new approach in BB gun application. In place of the utilitarian airgun designed for hunting, the AirSoft BB gun was created with a pure recreational application in mind. It was created for people who enjoy target practicing or indoor plinking with friends: individuals who are not concerned about the high power hunting application of a BB or pellet gun but just wanted to have Fun. This is exactly where AirSoft BB guns fit in.

The design of the AirSoft BB gun centers on a unique propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to accurately shoot lightweight plastic BB pellets. This design philosophy resulted in a BB gun, which generates a much less damaging projectile that is still accurate enough to be FUN.

As the AirSoft product matured, manufacturers added another feature, which drew hobbyist and collectors alike to AirSoft. By modeling AirSoft BB guns after world famous pistols and rifles, an entire line of Replica AirSoft products were created. This created a huge splash not only here in the United States, but it also brought this hobby to the rest of the world. Italy, Japan and many Asian countries caught the craze and took the development of AirSoft to new heights.

Over several generations of development and constant improvement, AirSoft BB guns are now returning to the United States with newer and better designs. The highly matured plastic polymer technology industry in Asia has created a new generation of AirSoft BB guns with amazing durability and detail. Adding to its hobby collector market, the new AirSoft BB guns have created new uses in firearm safety training, movie productions, replica collecting, and recreational sport. Partly due to our history, the attraction and availability to firearms and its associated shooting sports run deep in the United States. AirSoft guns offer a potential alternative for the hobbyist, collector, and shooter. The combination of realism, safety, flexibility, and low cost makes AirSoft more appealing to the average consumer who would like to exercise his or her steady eye/hand coordination without the inherent dangers.

The U.S. Government have approved and specified regulations applicable to AirSoft BB guns. The blaze orange marking is a federal requirement: all reputable AirSoft manufacturers and dealers must be in compliance with this ruling for legal use. All AirSoft products, foreign or domestic, must meet this regulation.

What is a Joule? A Joule is a measurement used to calculate the power of the gun and is more accurate than using Feet Per Second. It is a formula combining the weight and velocity of a projectile to come up with the force it will hit the target with. The higher the Joule number the more powerful the gun is.

What is Hip-Hop? A Hop-Up or Spinup system puts an upwards spin on the BB as it goes down the barrel. This reduces the affects of gravity to increase the flight time and range of the BB.

What are Spring guns? Most often single shot with high capacity magazine. A spring compresses a cylinder when pulling back the slide or cocking handle. Upon pulling of the trigger the spring is released a burst of air hits the BB. Spring guns can be the most accurate and reliable of the airsoft guns.

Do we have a walk-in store? Yes. It is open Monday through Friday 12PM to 7 PM. We are closed Saturday and Sunday.

What does Blowback mean? 
Blowback action on a Gas or Electric gun means the slide of the gun will recoil when the gun is fired like a real firearm.

What are airsoft guns? AirSoft BB guns have a relatively long history. Designed and marketed here in the United States about 30 years ago by a major BB gun manufacturer, AirSoft was conceptualized as a new approach in BB gun application. In place of the utilitarian air gun designed for hunting, the AirSoft BB gun was created with a pure recreational application in mind. It was created for people who enjoy target practicing or indoor plinking with friends; individuals who are not concerned about the high power hunting application of a BB or pellet gun but just wanted to have fun.

What does FPS stand for? FPS means feet per second. The velocity of the BB as it leaves the barrel.

How do gas guns work? Gas guns use a compressed gas and silicon oil mix called green gas as a propellant. Most Gas guns are semi automatic while some are semi and fully automatic. On Gas Blowback models, gas is discharged to propel the BB forward and the slide to the rear while mimicking the action of a real gun.

How do electric guns work? Electric guns: Most often select fire semi and full auto. A motor runs a gear box that compresses a cylinder compressing air. The electric guns are also reliable and normally last thousands of rounds without trouble. Batteries are rechargeable nicad type. Generally they use 8.4 volt batteries that are similar to r/c car batteries.

What is the term round?  A round is another term for a BB so e.g 22 rounds mean that the gun holds 22 BBs.

What does Fully Automatic mean?  Fully Automatic. When the trigger is depressed and held the gun will keep firing until the trigger is released.

What does Semi-Auto mean? Semi Automatic. It means, each pull the trigger the gun, will fire once.

If an item is out of stock, what is the lead time for restocking it? Usually when an item goes out of stock it means that item is on back order. When this happens we do not know exactly when it will become available again. What you can do is click on the Please Notify Me icon next to the gun and enter your user name and password. When the item comes back in stock you will be automatically emailed to inform you the item is available.


ATTENTION:  All guns ship with orange flash hider (if shown here without, this is for display purposes only). All the airsoft gun power ratings / velocities stated within the content of this website are in feet-per-second (fps) and are produced from the results of tests carried out by the Airsoft Gun Room. Variations do exist between our results and the power ratings / velocities shown on the manufacturer's packaging. You must be 18 years or older to purchase any Airsoft gun. We require an adult signature when buying any Airsoft gun from this store. Remember to consider safety first and paramount when discharging Airsoft guns or spectating during the discharge of Airsoft guns. Safety glasses/goggles should be worn in all circumstances concerning the use of Airsoft guns.

WARNING: Airsoft guns can cause injury if misused or mishandled. Airsoft guns should not be used without strict adult supervision. State and local government law restricts and/or prohibits the sale and possession of Airsoft guns and green gas guns in some areas.

Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any airsoft products and do not know of any local or state laws that would prohibit owning airsoft products. The Vendor ( and all of its agents are to be held harmless of any and all legal action arising from purchases from the aforementioned company. Removal of any warning stickers or any protective markings, such as the 10 mm blaze orange tip will violate federal law and store warranty. Furthermore, federal law states that the use of any look-alike, toy gun in a crime carries the full ramifications of a real firearm.