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1:6 Brand New BLUE F1 Formula Race Remote Control Car

1:6 Brand New BLUE  F1 Formula Race Remote Control Car
Item# XQ006_FormulaCar_Blue
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Product Description

This Formula one Indy car is not only great looking but is also super fast. It's reaches speeds up 15-20mph! You haven't seen a Radio Control Formula One Racing Car like this! This Remote Control Indy Car is HUGE!!! 2.5 feet in length!!! A real 1:6 Scale Formula One Racing Car.

F1 RC Car

RC Radio Remote Control F1 Racing Car 1:6 Scale Not only does it look wicked, it’s large (over 70cm long) and quick. In fact it’s so fast that in wet conditions, you’d be better taking a pit stop and changing’ those tires otherwise you’ll be high tailing’ it down the straight. In fact, the acceleration is so quick that the car literally skids into action, wheels spinning and rubber burning! The remote control features two forward gears and one reverse, as well as the necessary twisting button on the side of the gun for direction. If you hit the high gear from stationery, you’re likely to send the car into a spinning frenzy - a delicate fingertip is required to pulse the trigger slowly, so that a slow cruise can be maintained (vital for pit safety), before unleashing full throttle. We tried it on a variety of surfaces, and found tarmac to be the best for grip. If you’re planning to drive it over a shiny surface you’ll need plenty of skill to keep the car under control. Because of the combination of speed and racing tires, there’s hours and hours of fun to be had pulling off turns, spins and figure eights maneuvers. The car comes complete with a rechargeable battery pack, which it’s best to charge overnight for performance. Radio Controlled F1 Car Features: One of the world’s top F1 cars 1/6th Scale - over 70cm long Front and rear suspension with coil spring units Semi proportional right left steering plus forward and reverse Speed up to 20mph Rechargeable battery US Charger


1:6 RC F1 Racer
Features: Semi-proportional right and left steering plus forward and reverse
Two speed selectable
Sealed gearbox
Special feature:
F1 formula sports car with six channel and semi-pneumatic
Simulating the true styles and making carefully
Charge time:4 hours
Mph: 40km/h
Run time: half an hour
Remote control distance: 50 meter
Remote control: gun style ,wheel and trigger type transmitter included with 8x1.5V AA battery (not included)
Battery:12V rechargeable battery pack and charger included
CE approvable