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Exceed RC Drift Pro GD-4 RC Car Drifting Gyro

Exceed RC Drift Pro GD-4 RC Car Drifting Gyro
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Product Description

Watch this video of rc car drifting! Ever wonder to yourself how these people can drive their rc cars so crazy? See for youself. They drive super smooth. It's feels like the way they drift their cars, it feels as smooth as butter.  Unbelievable right?  Not anymore! With Exceed RC's new GD4 Drift Pro Gyro, you can also do the same! Easy to install.  Almost plug and play.  Just mount it on your car like this (see picture).  Totally whole new experience!  You'll be drifting like a super star in no time!  Imagine going to the race track and everyone will be like "WHO IS THIS SUPER STAR?" That's you there man! Get the GD4 from Exceed RC and you won't regret a single day in life anymore!


What our tech guy says:

The Drift GD4 gyro assist is a nifty device that assists you in driving and getting the perfect drift angles around turns with drift cars. 

With offroad vehicles, the drift gyro system helps you drive faster as it keeps the vehicle running smooth through obstacles such as rough holes or inconsistent terrain. Hitting dips at an angle would pull the car away from its intended path and a late counter steer steering input would have you counter steering all over the place and spinning out when you initially just wanted to go straight. With the assistance from the gyro, The steering automatically counter steers calculating your angle attempting to keep you going straight. 

This is how you install it: (As you get better remove it and improve your driving skills!)

Remove the steering servo plug from channel 1 from your receiver box. 
Plug that steering servo into the gyro box. 
Plug the gyro box into your receiver (channel 1)
Center your ST TRIM or adjust it so that the front wheels are tracking straight
Mount the gyro so that it is sitting upright. Kind of like this guys car

I like to mount it on the center chassis plate on the center of the car. It protects the device from crashes like when you smack into a curb.  Test the device by shaking the tail end of your truck left and right. You should be able to see the wheels counter steering. If it doesnt, you plugged something up wrong or mounted the device incorrectly. 

Now go have fun!!