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New RC Esky Beginner Helicopter Series All in One KOB, Honey Bee, Honey Bee CP2 4 Channel & 6 Channel

Item# EskyHeli-003657-BeginnerCombo-RTF-24G
Price: $199.00
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Product Description

The Esky beginner helicopter series is the first of its kind. It is a completely ready to fly package that includes co-axial, fixed pitch, and collective pitch system for the new pilot to advance their flying skills. Essentially you’re getting the Esky KOB, Honey Bee, and Honey Bee CP2 all in one package. The package is pre assembled with the co-axial helicopter unit, the KOB. The honey bee and and honey bee cp2 units are completely assembled with servos and motors all pre-installed on their respective frame. This only requires minor installation of the landing gear, tail boom, receiver swap, and adjustments on the transmitter to complete the conversion. There are two extra sets of tail booms and landing gears which ensure you have plenty of replacement parts in the event of a mishap or crash. The 2.4ghz radio system is setup and ready to go out of the box. The included 11.1v 800mah lithium polymer battery powers all three units. 4 AA batteries are also included for the transmitter. This entire package is catered to the curious entry level radio controlled pilot. If you find the coaxial is too easy to fly, the fixed pitch is ready to go! Eliminate the hard decision for your first hobby grade chopper. This package includes all 3.


11.1v. 800mAh LiPo

180 Motor *2pcs

7.5g Servo *2pcs

2.4G 6CH Transmitter

4-in-1 Controller


2, 3 Cells Battery Charger (Connection Wire included)

Wireless Connection Device (Built-in SoftDog)

Zip Ties and Double Side type 1 Set