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Esky 2.4Ghz Coco Lama V3 Co-Axial RC Helicopter RTF

Esky 2.4Ghz Coco Lama V3 Co-Axial RC Helicopter RTF
Item# EskyHeli_E300YA-2-LamaV3-24Ghz
Price: $79.95
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Product Description

With the ALL-NEW 2.4 GHz radio - fly with others without interference!


(1)Main rotor diameter: 340mm; 
(2)Weight: 215g; 
(3)Length: 360mm; 
(4)Power system: 180 motor*2; 
(6)Transmitter: 4 CH 2.4GHz system (including training switch and simulator port) 
(7)Mix controller: 4in1 controller (W/gyro, mixer, ESC, receiver); 
(8)Servo: Digital servos 7.5g,Torque: ≥1.0kg.CM,Speed:0.1S/60 
【Product description::】
   The design of the Lama V3 adopts a co-axial and counter-rotating system which makes it most suitable for indoor flight. Its characteristics are: easy, controllable flying, simple operation and quick re-charging. The 4in1 mixer controls all the main functions including: electric speed controller, gyro and receiver, which allows for convenient adjustment and maintenance of the helicopter. Two superior 180 motors and one 7.4V Lithium battery offer powerful performance and long flight times.The weighted fly-bar and improved tail system also enhance the stability and balance of the helicopter in flight, making it possible for beginners to master the basic flight skills in a very short time. You will be able not only to hover but to control the helicopter in all directions. Make slow and fast turns to test your skills and place the helicopter at chosen points around the room. Having mastered taking-off and landing, you will find endless ways to enjoy your Lama V3!
   The new 2.4G remote control system adopts Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology and digital FSK (frequency shift key) coding technology. This combined with two digital servos, ensures a rapid response, precise control and nimbler movement. With this system, several flyers can operate simultaneously within the same immediate area offering a safe and relaxed flying experience.
    LAMA V3, has been completely assembled in the factory, it can fly after finishing charging the battery. Electronic system has been completely adjusted by our engineer before packing, no adjustment is needed. Standard outfit include: a kit, a transmitter, a set of charger, main blade, a chargeable battery, transmitter battery unit (8pcs), a ESKY softdog and a Instructional Video CD for computer,which are ready to fly out of box.
Gift box gift box Outer packing two gift boxes in one carton
Packing protecter foam L*W*H 490*265*420mm
Gift box material card board 260#  GW 5.0Kg
L*W*H 470*252*200mm NW 3.2Kg
【Sell Mode:】
Item number Kit Transmitter Mix controller Servo Battery Charger Sweiching adapter softdog
EK1H-E300YA kit EK2-0404G EK2-0708 EK2-0508*2 EK1-0181 EK2-0851 Optional EK2-0900A
This R/C model is not a toy! 
RC models,including ESKY helicopter are not toys. RC model consists of various high-tech electic products and it can provide superior performance.While the helicopter moves at a high speed it may cause potential risk or injury if operated improperly.Its not suitable for the player under 14 years,Keep it away from children.We recommend you to ask for the assistance of experienced pilot when flying at the first time.It is mandatory to follow the instructions and pay attention to the warning.Please make sure to be conscious of the safety of yours and the people surrounding when you operate all ESKY products.
TWF HOBBY international reserves the right to modify the model without prior notice.