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35" Scale Model Electric Fiberglass Body RTR Legend Sail Boat

35" Scale Model Electric Fiberglass Body RTR Legend Sail Boat
Item# ES-F07-Legend-SailBoat
Price: $189.95
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Product Description

RC Sailboat-Legend
A beautifully crafted R/C sailboat, fully built and ready to run.
All required items are installed, including mainsail winch, steering servo and all rigging, sail and hardware. All you need to do is add your own receiver and battery!
Boat hull is based entirely on an ocean going racing yacht and molded in fiberglass with a perfect gel coat and enamel painted finish.
Don't be mistaken in thinking these boats are slow and boarding. In a stiff breeze they can be extremely quick and perform turns rapidly, proving to be very exciting.

This Legend Sailboat body is made of fiberglass (FRP) with reinforced plastics, it is more smoothly and brightly. It has high strength and resist to be eroded. Mast is made of high strength aluminum alloy and surface is oxygenation treatment. Use professional whole assembly structure to increase voyage performance and efficiency. It's very easy to assembly or adjust by yourself. The sail is made of high density terylene fabric less retractility and the angles are strengthened. The deck is decorated with some plastic fittings which is formed with body in one injection. "Surmount" and "Monsoon" full of attractive of its size and weight, they are good exhibits in the room or shop window. Clipper-built figure has good voyage performance whatever from light wind to high wind or from out door amusement to sports match. They will take you a lot of
voyage fun.

Length : 900mm = 35.43 inches
Height : 1800mm = 70.86 inches
Weight : 1.4kg = 3.08 lbs.
Area of Sails : 0.38m2
Ballast weight: 1.3kg