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31" Scale Model Electric Fiberglass Body RTR Surmount Sail Boat

31" Scale Model Electric Fiberglass Body RTR Surmount Sail Boat
Item# ES-F01-Surmount-SailBoat
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Product Description

Surmount800 is a ready-to-sail radio controlled competition sailboat that has been designed from the keel up to handle like a full-scale racing yacht ónot a toy like other RC sail boats.
Here's just a few of the features that make this Low-drag composite hull design with large 32-inch over-all length. Removable racing keel, with ballast-bulb, and large area deep-water rudder that, working together, keep the Surmount800 on precisely controlled headings at all times. All rigging is mounted up to an aluminum alloy main mast and fully proportional sail winch that allow the sails to be trimmed for absolutely any combination of wind conditions and heading dynamic such as: close reach, broad reach or running with the wind.
From stays to clew fasteners, Surmount is absolutely regatta ready in minutes from opening the box. Even the 3-channel radio pre-mounted in its watertight compartment pre-centered.
Available in white with color paster
R/C Sailing Boat Series
"Surmount" and "Monsoon" are both our brands which body is made of fiberglass (FRP) with reinforced plastics, it is more smoothly and brightly. It has high strength and resist to be eroded. Mast is made of high strength aluminum alloy and surface is oxygenation treatment. Use professional whole assembly structure to increase voyage performance and efficiency. It's very easy to assembly or adjust by yourself. The sail is made of high density terylene fabric less retractility and the angles are strengthened. The deck is decorated with some plastic fittings which is formed with body in one injection. "Surmount" and "Monsoon" full of attractive of its size and weight, they are good exhibits in the room or shop window. Clipper-built figure has good voyage performance whatever from light wind to high wind or from out door amusement to sports match. They will take you a lot of
voyage fun.

Surmount 800 Specification:
1. Body: Fiberglass, Length: 800mm, With pretty decals -With full accessory;
2. Height: Mast height: 1100mm, total height: 1520mm;
3. Mast: Mast is made of high strength aluminum alloy and
surface is oxygenation treated;
4. Ballast: Environmental iron casting Molding, weight: 850g;
5. Sail: high density terylene fabric, sail area: 0.25M2;
6. Net weight: 2.1kg;
7. Servos (Optional):2 servos that controls sail which enables real sailing;
8. Radio Control Frequency: 27 mhz
Competition Synthetic polyester fabric sails withstand up to 20 knot (23mph, 37kph) winds and sailing speeds up to 6 knots
95%ready-to-sail, simple assembly in just minutes from opening the box
An aluminum alloy mast with quick release foot for easy portability
Radio compartment is self-sealing for water tightness
Fully installed FM 3-Channel digital proportional radio provides accurate sail control and "underway" trim changes
Jib features lightweight boom and adjustable clew tension
Ballast bulb racing style keel features quick release for easy portability
Heavy duty, high torque metal geared sail winch servo for superior control
Water tight sealed radio compartment for added protection
Large area, deep water rudder
Low-drag composite hull design