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DeHavilland Mosquito Twin Engine 25~32 - 73" Nitro Powered Radio Remote Controlled Nitro Gas Scale Airplane ARF
DeHavilland Mosquito Twin Engine 25~32 - 73" Nitro Powered Radio Remote Controlled Nitro Gas Scale Airplane ARF
Item# CMP-Gas-Mosquito
Price: $235.00
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Product Description

Many of this modelís attributes attracted me to it, including the sweet sound of twin engines, extreme good looks, reputation for speed, scale outline, ease of assembly, and competitive price. This is one of those models I just had to begin as soon as I got it, and Iím sure it will have the same effect on you. The  Mosquito is a top-quality ARF that ought to be on your buy list. You will not be disappointed and you will be the envy at your flying field.

The 73" Mosquito ARF is a great scale airplane for anyone who likes scale flying.  The kit includes a fiberglass fuselage, center section, and cowling done in matching paint.  The wings are sheeted foam, covered with solartex, and painted to match.  All control surfaces have beveled leading edges and the control horn mounts are preinstalled.  The kit includes full color decals. 

Wing Span: 73"
Weight: 11.01lb
Length: 52.5"
Wing Loading: 30.92oz./sq.ft.
Wing Area:
Engine Required: (2) 2c 25~32, 4c 26~30
Radio 5~6 Channel 7~9 Servos

Out of the box:

As all CMP this kit comes with all parts nicely wrapped in thin foam and plastic bags. Wing is 3 piece design, outer panels are all wood, sheeted rib design. Center section is combination of laser-cut wood ribs and fiberglass shell making it very strong base for twin engine and landing gear mounting. Ailerons and flaps are hinged and installed. Tail section is air foiled surfaces hinged and ready. Fuselage is very strong with servo tray installed for you. Beautiful fiberglass cowls and engine hatches, painted PVC canopy and fairings. Wheels, gas tank, motor mount compliments complete hardware package. Kit comes with fixed gear option, mechanical retracts can be installed and wing is designed for it. Decal sheet is included to finish the models look. Due to twin engine set-up, experience is required to assemble and fly this Warbird. One of the reasons you looked at this models is its history and unique appearance. Sound of twin engine and scale looks is what this is all about. Get one today and fly after short assembly period. You will love the attention this plane will get!




  • Type: Semiscale ARF

  • Pilot Skill Level: IntermediateWingspan: 73 inches

  • Wing area: 1,286.5 square inches

  • Length: 52.5 inches

  • Weight: 11-11.5 pounds

  • Wing loading: 20.6 ounces per square inch

  • Engine: .25-.32 (two-stroke) or .26-.30 (four-stroke)

  • Radio: Five- to six-channel transmitter, seven to nine servos (rudder, elevator, flaps, one for each aileron, one for each throttle, one for each optional retract)

  • Construction: Molded fiberglass fuselage, tail sections, wing center-section, and engine nacelles with light-plywood support, balsa-and-plywood wing panels and sections

  • Covering/finish: Three-color flat-finished camouflage paint over fiberglass, film covered wings and tail

  • Options: Retractable landing gear





Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.

Due to the United States Post Office's International shipping size limit, we can not ship this item outside of the United States, except Canada.