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CMPro Ventus- 2HX 2600mm (2.6meters) ARF Radio Remote Controlled Sail Plane Glider

CMPro Ventus- 2HX 2600mm (2.6meters) ARF Radio Remote Controlled Sail Plane Glider
Item# CMP-066-DX-VentusDeluxe
Price: $139.95
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Product Description

The CMPro Ventus is well-designed to make building and flying a lot of fun, it features:

  • High precision fiberglass fuselage with fine painting that perfectly reflects the nice appearance of Ventus.
  • Nicely covered wing panel built by quality balsawood, a decal set is included which you can personalize the design.
  • Wing tips in order to reduce the tendency to stall and enhance scale feelings.
  • Removable tailplane for easy transportation.
  • Clear navy blue canopy with cockpit.
  • An air-brake that efficiently raises control of the plane and makes landing an easy thing to do! The design is also aimed to make assembly as simple as possible. A steering set is included to help setting up the air-brake and make it easy to use.
  • A retract system that makes the Ventus suitable for different flying locations. The retract is easy to use and is linked with the hatch door for scale features.
  • A 8mm-hole is pre-drilled at the nose for towing on runways. The construction inside fuselage is already prepared for tractors and thus no further conversion is needed.
SCALE GLIDER Wingspan:2600mm


1.2~1.3 kg
Wing Loading
41~45 dm/2
HX83-nase 3 Modify
Wing Area
29 dm/2
Radio Control
3~6 Ch 4~7 Servos
purchase separately

The CMPro Ventus features an air-brake which is deliberately designed to control speed efficiently. It increases overall control of the plane and makes flying a lot of fun!

Extremely realistic wing tips with a large degree of dihedral for steady approaches.

The air-brake linkage system is pre-built at the factory to minimize building time.

The wings are joined by two 3mm metal rods and a 6mm wing main tube for quick set-up and easier transportation to and from the flying field.

The ABS air-brake is easy to install, colored in red to help greatly with orientation.

Strong and durable Polystyrene wing tips efficiently reduce your chances of stalling and increase overall control.

The tailplane is designed for simple set up with two 3mm bolts, removed easily to reduce the room of storage.

The tailplane can be removed easily to reduce the room of storage.

90% factory built with a complete hardware pack included to maximize your time of flying.

The retract system makes the CMPro Ventus suitable for any types of flying conditions. To make it better the retract is pre-installed which means no further work is needed!