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CMP Blue Extra 330L 50 - 56"  Nitro Gas Engine Powered Aerobatic Aircraft ARF
CMP Blue Extra 330L 50 - 56" Nitro Gas Engine Powered Aerobatic Aircraft ARF
Item# CMP-Gas-Extra330L-Size50Blue
Price: $124.95
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Product Description

The CMPro 50-size Extra-330L (2c 40~46 4c 52~63 ENGINE POWERED AEROBATIC AIRCRAFT) is available in two stunning color schemes.Both come with decals already applied, protected by clear coating. 90% of the model is pre-finished at the factory - you can enjoy flying this beauty with the least building time. And of course, it flies as good as it looks!

2.85~2.95 kg
Wing Loading
92~95 dm/2
Naca 0014
Wing Area
30.8 dm/2
Radio Control
4 Ch 5 Servos
purchase separately
2 Strok Engine
purchase separately
4 Strok Engine
purchase separately

Featuring gorgeous pre-finished parts and complete hardware pack.

Comes with optional EP motor mount EP or Glow? Make your choice!

Plastic engine mount for glow power.

Ready covered tailplane and rudder, unique color design to match with the fuselage and wings.

Pre painted fiberglass fuselage. Internal construction is nice and neat.

Bottom design with attractive color combination. You will never lose this plane from your sight! 
Light and strong aluminum wing joiner.