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C-160 Military Transall Jet Nitro Gas ARF Radio Remote Airplane RC Plane

C-160 Military Transall Jet Nitro Gas ARF Radio Remote Airplane RC Plane
Item# C-160Military
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Product Description

The Transall C-160 ARF is a beautiful scale airplane. The kit includes a fiberglass fuselage. The wings are sheeted foam. The kit has gray fiberglass cowling. All control surfaces have beveled leading edges and the control horn mounts are preinstalled. The wing is complete ready for hinging, with the servo pocket and wire channel cutout. The leading edge of the wing is pre-shaped. The kit includes full color decals. 

3D GILES-202 40 ARF

The C-160 Transall features a fiberglass fuselage and pre-covered foam wings. The tanks are positioned behind the engines which allows a stable fuel supply and easy installation. The twin engines give a powerful and shaking sound which you cannot experience with a single-engine aircraft. You will enjoy flying this model with great delights.

3D GILES-202 40 ARF

Wing Span: 1860 mm (73.3") 
Wing Area: 39 dm2 (605.25 in2
Wing Loading: 85 g/dm2 
Airfoil: Torino-26 
Engine: 2C: 20~25 x 2, 4C: 26~30 x2 
Length: 1360 mm (53.5") 
Total Weight: 2700 ~ 2850 g (6.4 LB)
Radio: 5-6 Channel 6-7 Servos 

The Transall C-160 first flew in 1963. Production was completed in 1972, but in 1977 the program was reinstated to produce a “new generation” C-160 for France. The last of these new generation aircraft entered service in 1987. The wings are high-mounted and equally tapered outboard of the engines with blunt tips. Two turboprop engines are mounted under and extend beyond the wings’ leading edges. The fuselage is long, thick, and tapered to the rear with a round, solid nose, stepped cockpit and upswept tail section. The tail flats are mid-mounted on a thinned body, equally tapered with blunt tips. The fin is tall and tapered with a blunt tip and a fairing in the leading edge.