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Tri-Light Night Carbon Fiber Blades for T-Rex 450 and 450 Size RC Helicopters
Tri-Light Night Carbon Fiber Blades for T-Rex 450 and 450 Size RC Helicopters
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Product Description

Light up the evening sky in Red, Green, and Blue Lights with the new handcrafted Carbon Fiber Tri-Light Night Blades! Using micro circuitry with an imbedded rechargeable battery, the Tri-Lights Carbon Fiber Blades enable pilots to navigate their micro helicopter at night. Turn off the lights and put on a 3D Light Show at your next fun-fly event! The Night Blades are made from high-quality imported carbon fiber with unique shined Lights, and the lights are chargeable with the special micro charger.

Compatiable w/ T-Rex 450 and 450 size Helicopters

However, the Night Blades are specially designed flying for mini electric helicopter at night, its perfect flying Performance with the attractive different lightings in the different flying position had been

The Li-Ion batteries which power the three high power LEDs with different colors (Red, Blue&Green) are re-chargeable. The connector port for the switch which turns them on and off is also the charging port.
Pre-Balanced: Each set of Night Blades is carefully constructed to maintain static balance for weight and are matched for center of gravity. Each blade is tested before leaving the workshop to maintain high quality control.
With the included Power-Adapter the Night Blades can also be charged by Outdoor-Chargers or external battery such as Car-Battery

Light time: up to 1,5 hrs.
LED-Colours: red, green, blue
Length: 290mm
Weight: approx. 21.1gr/pc

Package Contents:
1 Pair of Night Blades 325mm
1 Charger 110V
1 LI-Ion Charging unit (Output 3.6V-4.2V)
2 Micro-Connectors
1 Adapter for 6-12V (i.e. external battery, Outdoor charger)

Proved by professional pilots and modelers, as a word, itís the exclusive design and products. High Visibility:
Embedded inside the root end and edge are the Li-Ion batteries which last 1.5 hours on a full charge. The blades are switched on using a special micro connector which is provided. The bottom, the edges, and the top of the rotor disk are illuminated due to the placing of the LED′s make the disc fully visible in all orientations.