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Yellow/Green Micro Mini Remote Control R/C Car Panther/Shen Qi Wei Zipzap

Yellow/Green Micro Mini Remote Control R/C Car Panther/Shen Qi Wei Zipzap
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Product Description

These Shen Qi Wei Micro RC Racers are the quickest, most responsive and most reliable car in the market today. Compare to Honda-Make Qualities and Standards !!!

Motor 2.6 or 300 MPH (scale) 1.0 or 150 MPH (scale)
Tires Rubber Soft Racing Tires Plastic Hard, Slick Factory Tires
Charge Time 45 seconds up to 2 minutes
Run Time up to 20 minutes up to 5 minutes
Range Up to 75 feet 10-15 feet
Compatibility Almost w/ any car parts/engine Non-compatible

Shen Qi Wei Micro Racers are the smallest radio controlled cars in the world, and when we say small we really do mean it. In fact, if it wasn't for the aerial you could easily fit a couple of Shen Qi Wei Micro Racers into your mouth, (not a good idea, please don't try).

Each Shen Qi Wei Micro Racer is so incredibly tiny it can't
accommodate batteries (even a single AAA wouldn't fit), so the clever designers have made the cars rechargeable. Simply clip the vehicle onto its RC handset (requires 2 x AA batteries).

The good news is charging time is only 45 seconds. The bad news is... well, there isn't any, as the cars will run for over 5 minutes per charge. Besides, you'll need at least 45 seconds to catch your breath after playing with a Shen Qi Wei Micro Racer they really are that amazing.

Even when not in use these micro marvels will look great perched on your desk and are small enough to hide in your top pocket should the boss come snooping. Shen Qi Wei Micro Racers: they are small and they are clever and they are the most reliable mini cars in the market today!

The total length of these cars cartoonish body is about 62mm (2.45 inches). This makes it roughly 1/60th to 1/70th scale, depending on the size of the real car you compare it with.

It's about 33mm wide (1.3 inches) at the wing mirrors. Its wheelbase (distance between axles) is about 31mm, and its track (width from one outside wheel edge to the other) is about 30mm.

So it's small.

Very small.

The pedestal of the Shen Qi Wei Micro Racer comes on is screwed to the battery bay cover of the transmitter, which is round and makes up the bottom of the presentation dome arrangement.

The telescopic antenna comes poked into a hole in the transmitter; you pull it out of there and screw it into the receiver's top before use.

Then you install the batteries, and you're ready to rock and roll.

Ah, you ask, but what about the batteries for the car itself?

No problem. It gets its power from the same AAs that power the transmitter.

To charge the car, you flip back the blue cover on the bottom of the transmitter and clip the car on. Charging takes 45 to 100 seconds, depending on the transmitter's whim and the quality of the contact between the car and the charge point. You should get around five minutes of driving per charge, depending on how and where you drive. The transmitter's four buttons give you only digital control - forwards, backwards, left and right, but no shades of grey - but the little tacker's really quite driveable. Especially if you've ever been forced to play a PC racing game using the keyboard. It's the same deal.