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Brand New Two (2) German Tiger I Infra-Red Laser RC Battle Tank Set.
Brand New Two (2) German Tiger I Infra-Red Laser RC Battle Tank Set.
Item# HQ521-10_GreyBattleTanK
Price: $39.95
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

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Brand New Two (2) German Tiger I Infra-Red Laser RC Battle Tank Set.




Wage wireless warfare inside your home with these tiny, 8.5" German Tiger I battle tanks!

Realistic in sight, sound and action, they're controlled by a simple transmitter that lets you

fire the cannon, rotate the turret up to 300 degrees while maneuvering, change speed and

direction at will - and conquer inclines of up to 30 degrees! Fire the gun and it roars, sending

 an infra-red laser beam streaking toward your opponent's tank. Hitting its sensor once

 brings it to couple seconds stop, accompanied by flashing lights and impact sounds.

A Life-Force 4-LED Indicator is equipped on each tank, the LED will go off when the tank

gets shot by enemy - Hitting it enough times in succession makes it disabled - and you the

 victor! Included 2 Tanks and 2 Radio Transmitters which are fully functional and easy to

control. So are you ready for a tank battle? There are not many of these running around,

 so grab one when you can!!   










  • Brand NEW, In Original Package

  • Two (2) Battery Operated R/C Battle Tanks

  • Simulative Engine and Cannon Sound

  • Life-Force 4 LED Indicator for Tank Battle

  • 300 degrees Turret Rotation  

  • Main Cannon can be moved up and down

  • Movements: Forward, Backward and Spin

  • Equipped with High Gripping Caterpillar

  • Running Time as long as 20 minutes

  • All Batteries and Chargers are included

  • Top Speed: 5-10mph

  • Operating Frequencies: 27/35/40mhz

  • Tank Dimensions: 8.5"L x 4.5"W x 4.5"H




  • Two (2) German Tiger I R/C Tanks

  • Two (2) Full Function Transmitters

  • Two (2) 4.8V 400mAh Battery Packs (For Tanks)

  • 4AA Batteries (For Transmitters)

  • Two (2) Home AC Chargers (110V)

  • Instruction Manual