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Brand New ARF F-16 RC JET, Radio Remote Control Almost-Ready-to-Fly Airplane RC Plane
Brand New ARF F-16 RC JET, Radio Remote Control Almost-Ready-to-Fly Airplane RC Plane
Item# Maw006_F16-JET
Price: $39.00
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Product Description

Brand New ARF F-16 RC Airplane, can be flown and enjoyed by any pilot with some ARF experience! Unlike most glow-powered jets, this F-16 arrives almost ready to fly, with only minimal assembly work left to do. The scale outline of the full-sized plane has already been created; the power for performance provided with the included 380 motor and propeller fans. Finish assembly, install on-board equipment (must purchase seperately) and apply decals, and the F-16 is ready to provide the appearance and power that Miramar dreams are made of.

  • Kyosho's F16 falcon is one of the best scale electric ducted fan radio control (r/c) planes using micro servos and receivers.Recreates the wind-cheating profile of the full-sized F-16, from the slim tapered nose through the wingtip-mounted missiles to the anhedral stabilizers.
  • Constructed of tough, lightweight styrene foam parts optimized for aerodynamic slickness with a special smoothing process.
  • The white fuselage and molded-in-red wings also feature a glossy, hard-plastic coating that improves decal "stick" and durability.
  • Included decals duplicate the spectacular red, white and blue trim scheme of the original F-16 prototype.
  • 380 motor and three propellers are included for extra value and shopping convenience.
  • Takes off with a simple hand launch-and combines with light wing loadings to provide smooth, stable flight, impressive climbs and broad, sweeping turn

Fuselage Length

 23.8 in
16.4 in
380 Motor, 3x propellers, decal, stickers
(Require servos, battery, radio control, radio equipments etc.  This plane is ONLY ARF)

This F-16 is an entry-level electric powered jet scale model park flyer. The value to cost ratio of this package is excellent. The model flies great and looks spectacular in the air.  Works great with BRUSHLESS MOTOR