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Mini Panther Remote Control RC Bike Motocycle Zipzap (49Mhz) *Random Style*
Mini Panther Remote Control RC Bike Motocycle Zipzap (49Mhz) *Random Style*
Item# bike49
Price: $5.90
This item is currently out of stock!

Product Description

RANDOM-STYLE Panther Mini Remote Control R/C Bike w/ 2.6 Engine, BRAND NEW!!! Ready to Zip-Zap and running out of the box !!! This is one of the fastest car in the market today, and it will help you win alot of mini micro championship !!!

Don't pay $29.99 for those crappy patty at RadioShack when you can get the most reliable mini r/c car on ebay for the price of a pack of candy-bar !!!

These Panther Micro RC Racers are the quickest, most responsive and most reliable car in the market today. Compare to Honda-Make Qualities and Standards !!!

The Panther Mini Racer Remote Control Bike is the hottest Holiday item, hands down. This R/C Mini Racer not only fits in your pocket, but it is remote controlled. Our Bike runs longer and has a wider range than most on the market. You can't beat quality. Each in a dome shape package. This item is shaping up to be the Holiday Best Seller this year. You just charge the Bike for 45 seconds and you can remote control it for 8 minutes.

The Panther Micro Bikes are probably the Smallest Radio Control Super Bikes in the world - at just under 7cm long!

The bike itself is so small, that it won't fit any batteries - so it has a rechargeable NiMh battery where the engine would be! Just 45 seconds of charge will have the bike racing for up to 8 minutes.

The miniature size hasn't compromised features though - the tiny engine runs at an incredible 10,000 RPM, empowering these bikes to go FAST! Thankfully those clever Japanese designers included full 6 point steering system - providing the ultimate combination of speed and control.

The awesome power and control makes it an absolute doddle to perform 180? turns with these super bikes which really wows any onlookers!

With two different frequencies to choose from, you can race against a mate at the same time. Currently available in four distinctive designs - with more coming soon.

  • 8 mins running time from a 45 second charge
  • Bike dimensions 69 x 36 x 49mm approx
  • Choice of four designs of super bike