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B29 Bomber RC Plane * Ready to fly radio controlled RC airplane w/ 4 engines
B29 Bomber RC Plane * Ready to fly radio controlled RC airplane w/ 4 engines
Item# 8100_B29
Price: $38.00
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Product Description

Brand New, B29 Bomber ready to fly radio controlled plane w/ 4 engines Everything except 8 AA Batteries for the transmitter is included

Battery Operated R/C Plane. The B-29 Super Fortress is designed based on the REAL B-29 Super Fortress Bomber, Huge 42 inches (1050mm) Wing Span, Quad(4)-Powerful Motors, R/C Set and transmitter included, complete Left/Right and Up/Down Control Flight Speed : around 23ft/sec (7m/sec)  Realistic Decals, Gorgeous Silver Appearance A Masterpiece for decoration purposes. Powered by re-chargable battery (NiMH)(110V adaptor included) Easy Assembly, landing Gear included READY TO FLY


  • This model is designed based on the real B-29 Super Fortress Bomber, which has high fidelity of the real plane both in appearance and performance.
  • Mainly fabricated with EPS and PSP foaming airframe which is ultra-light.
  • Flight speed around 7 m/s, make the R/C control a breeze!
  • Comes almost fully assembled.

    Technical Data:

  • Fuselage Length: 710mm
  • Wing Span: 1050mm
  • Flight Time: 5-6 mins

    Parts List:

  • Airplane
  • R/C Sytem
  • Quick Battery Charger
  • NiMH Battery Pack
  • Screw Driver
  • Decals
  • Landing Gear Set
  • Instructional Manual

    Wing Span Ass Time Flight Time Spares Available
    1050mm 15min 15-20min Crash Kit 14 days

    Firstly when you open the box you realise how big this model is. It does have an impressive presence. Assembly is very quick and easy, only taking about 10mins to join the wings, tail plane and that huge tail fin together. The main flight battery takes about 1hr to charge and itís very easy to install/remove from the model

    So, its a mild Sunday afternoon and off I go to my local field. I checked and then rechecked the flight controls and the centre of gravity as described in the instructions.

    Moment of truth

    A very gentle throw in to the wind and she was off - on full power she developed a lovely gentle climb.. I initiated a gentle turn to the left and was very suprised to see a lazy stable turn - that huge tail area really gives excellent stability. With the wind up her tail she really shifted, but at all times remained stable and controlled. After a good 20mins I could see that she was loosing power on the upwind so on the next circuit I cut the throttle to come in for landing. She just gracefully floated on to the grass, no fuss, no drama - absolutely beautiful I had quite a crowd of spectators when I turned round - everyone remarked on how classily the model looked

    I hope my experience helps!!?#60;/i>