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New Art Tech PC-9 Scale 4 Channel RC Model Plane War Bird RTF 2.4Ghz

New Art Tech PC-9 Scale 4 Channel RC Model Plane War Bird  RTF 2.4Ghz
Item# AT-21491-PC-9-RTF-24G

Product Description


Produced by Art-Tech, the highly popular PC-9 has just arrived! Impressive quality of craftwork is applied on the PC-9 Model plane. It is made with high-quality EPO foam which gives it unparalleled durability. This is simply the best looking and most affordable plane from Art-Tech to date.

The PC-9 also has everything: high-speed flying, advanced style aerobatics, and easy to fly. The RTF version includes a stunning DST-800 motor, a 20A brushless ESC, and 4 servos. With little assembly time, you can quickly get the plane up in the sky. Hear the roar of the fan as you enjoy the increased speed and versatility of this evolved trainer plane!

Key Features:

  •  Powerful DST-800 motor
  •  Excellent flight performance
  •  Easy assembly and user friendly
  •  High quality EPO foam workmanship
  •  Durable, lightweight construction
  •  Available in RTF and ARF versions



Wingspan 850mm/33.5in
Length 860mm/33.9in
Weight(With battery) 540g/19.05 oz
Material: EPO foam
Motor: DST-800                                                    
ESC: 20A Brushless                                                                   
Servos: 2x9 grams servos, 2x5 grams   
Propeller: 8x6 (3 blades propeller)
Radio: EFLY-4B II 2.4 GHz
Battery: 11.1V 1300 mAh Lipo

Package Includes:

  •  DST-800 motor                                                     
  •  20A Brushless ESC                                                                   
  •  2x9 grams servos, 2x5 grams servos    
  •  Propeller: 8x6 (3 blades propeller)
  •  EFLY-4B II 2.4 GHz radio system
  •  11.1V 1300 mAh Li-po battery

Note: Charger is not included