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New Art Tech 4 Channel 400 Class Agusta Double rotor Helicopter RTF

New Art Tech 4 Channel  400 Class Agusta Double rotor Helicopter RTF
Item# AT-11211-Agusta-Helicopter-RTF
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Product Description

400Class Agusta Double rotor Heli

A large level coaxial helicopter with very scale apperance,easy enough for anyone to fly,not only indoors hut also outdoors.

Length 650mm/25.6in
Width 140mm/5.5in
Height 330mm/13in
Main rotor diameter 570mm/22.4in
Weight (without battery) 745g/26.3 oz
Flying weight (with battery) 860g/30.3 oz

R/C System EFLY-4BII 2.4GHz
Motor 390x2 Brushed
Battery 11.1V,1600mAh Li-Po
Servo 9gx2

1.109 Power is a typical coaxial rotor blade helicopter. One injected modeling for the main rotor head and the core shaft, the swash plate and servo arm are connected by the copper ball buckle, with a great feature of stable flying, easy to control and with super crash-resistance characteristics, it is strongly recommended to the beginner. 6
2.With convex airfoil foam blade, tampo printing techniques, beautiful and attractive colorful appearance, this ensures stable flight performance to the model. the great lift force , low air resistance, stable flight performance and suitable for the outdoor flight. 4
3.The new PCB : DR-REV2.1 with the head-lock mode and can be performed head-lock function with ease and much more precised. 5
4.High scaled canopy, with contraposition silk-screen printing techniques, beautiful and vivid appearance. 2
5.Suitable for indoors and outdoors flight in breeze. 3