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Item# AT-11191-MiniWolf-RTF-V2
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Product Description


4 Channel remote control set includes complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, AND THROTTLE)
New 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Transmitter,Reliable Spread Spectrum Mixer/Gyro Control, More Stable Flight, Even First Timer can Control Easily
Unlike other mini helicopters in the market, two 3.6 gram micro servos are independent from the PCB for easy maintenance
Perfect entry level helicopter for the very beginners / first time flying RC helicopters
Super easy to fly and stable!
Very responsive, maneuverable, and good performance
Equipped with dazzling lighting system
Durable constructions & Beautiful Looking
Two long-life light and powerful N30 carbon brushed motors matched with 420mAh Li-po battery for up to 10 minutes of long flight time!
Professional 2.4Ghz 4CH digital remote control system for up to 40m (130 feet) control distance
Perfect for Indoor Flying or Outdoor without wind
Very Precise controlling and hovering
Easy, secure and user-friendly battery installation
Coaxial counter-rotating blades cancel out the rotational torque that makes hovering a conventional helicopter so difficult
Dual counter rotating rotor which eliminates the need for a tail rotor
Rudder is controlled using variation in speed of each level of the rotor blades
Weight Saving Spread Spectrum 4-in-1 Mixer/Gyro/Receiver Board
Reliable high quality mixer with built-in gyro board
Digital Proportional Motor Speed Control
Separate servos from mixer, more precision movement
Trimming of servos can be done both on helicopter or on transmitter
Approximately 10 minutes flight time on each charge
Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled)


Main Rotor Diameter: 220mm (8.7 inch)
Length: 245 mm (9.6 inch)
Height: 155 mm (6 inch)
Flying Weight: 73g (2.6 oz)
Driven system: 2* N30 carbon brushed motors
Servo: 2X 3.6g mini servos
Battery: 3.7V 420mAh 12C Li-polymer
Control system: 4CH Multifunctional 2.4 GHz Transmitter and 3-in-1 Receiver
Radio Control Range: 130 feet (40m)
Package Include:

Helicopter (100% Assembled)
4 Channel 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Multifunctional R/C Transmitter
110V ~ 220V Universal Wall Battery Balance Charger
3.7V 420mAh 12C Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery for Helicopter
English Manual