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Astone Ocean Scooter Battery Powered Inflatable Watercraft *NEW*
Astone Ocean Scooter Battery Powered Inflatable Watercraft *NEW*
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Product Description

Ocean ScooterFX

The New Inflatable Jet Ski


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Detailed Product Description
The Ocean Scooter FX is a NEW product designed and developed by Astone Innovation. It is a battery powered inflatable Water Ski for kids aged five and upwards. Traveling at 4.7km/h or 3mph (based on a 50kg loading weight) this high tech product is great for use in the pool, lake, ocean or any other aquatic environment.

The Ocean Scooter FX is made using high grade PVC and quality materials. It is easy to carry and comes with an easy to follow setup and operation manual. Only taking ten minutes to assemble, the product is virtually ready to enjoy right out of the box. Great for kids and adults the Ocean Scooter FX inflatable battery powered Water Ski is fun for the whole family.

The package includes a 7Ah battery, a DC vehicle power adapter and an AC main power adapter for easy charging while you are away on holidays, at the beach or simply at home in the pool. The battery fully charges in approximately six hours and powers the scooter for around one hour of continuous fun. Optional accessories include a high powered 12Ah battery for better performance and longer battery endurance, and extra inflatable bodies made from different colors to suit your lifestyle.

Jam packed full of features the Ocean Scooter FX is equipped with battery sensor lights located on the handle bars which indicate the level of power left in the battery. With three levels of indication you will never be stuck on minimal charge, and with the variable speed control throttle you will be zipping around the pool or lake enjoying every moment.

Safety features include double barrel inflation chambers which prevent the Ocean Scooter sinking incase of a puncture, automatic power shutdown when throttle handle is released, full waterproof circuit protection to safeguard the products electronics, and a protected propeller body for safe use around other people. The Ocean Scooter FX will bring the whole family together.

Ideal for kids and teenagers the Ocean Scooter FX will open up a whole new realm of aquatic enjoyment. Due to its innovative design the powered Water Ski weights only 10kg or 22lbs with the battery included. Extremely well balanced and aerodynamic the Ocean Scooter FX can easily hold a passenger up to 75kg or 170lbs.

The package can be fully setup within ten minutes and includes an automatic electric pump for super fast inflation. The Ocean Scooter FX is very easy to transport, as the kit also contains a quality Astone branded travel bag.

Sleek and super advanced the Ocean Scooter FX inflatable battery powered Water Ski is a fantastic product that will bring joy and excitement to your family. Designed with kids and teenagers in mind the Ocean Scooter FX is ready to enter your life and become the star attraction in any setting.

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