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ARF Remote Radio Control 3 Channel Cherub ARF Plane Airplane
ARF Remote Radio Control 3 Channel Cherub ARF Plane Airplane
Item# Cherub
Regular price: $179.00
Price: $88.00

Product Description

  • *BRAND NEW* Advanced 3-Channel ARF R/C Jet Airplane For Experienced RC Plane User Only !!!
  • NEW IN BOX !!!
  • This model has all-balsa structure, which is 30% lighter than fiberglass structure. The lightweight and low wing-load give the airplane excellent climb and glide performances. It is especially suitable for R/C flight
  • English manual
  • All items are New-In-Box, require assembly, almost ready to Fly !
  • Wingspan: 58.5 in
  • Length: 14.88 in
  • Wing Area: 23.3dm2
  • Wing Load: 24/dm2
  • Weight: 19.7 oz
  1. Almost Ready To Fly (ARF) plane body
  2. 380 Motor
  3. Propeller£º folded 6¡Á3
  4. Require 3 CH or above radio system TX + RX (not included)
  5. ESC required (not included)
  6. Servo required (not included)
  7. Recommend upgraded to brushless motor (not included)
Free Bonus  
  • You will receive a free internet download of an RC Flight Simulator. This Simulator is very realistic and smooth. This Download is not a trial version. It is the full version of a freeware Flight Simulator Software.
  • Your Flight Simulator comes with 19 Different types of planes and 2 Different Helicopters. It also has several different landscapes.
  • If you win this auction the Simulator is absolutely free. This means that there will not be any customer support for the software or guarantees and warranties regarding its functionality. This is not an auction for a simulator.
  • Please understand that this auction does not include a CD with the software on it. You will be required to download it from the internet.