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ARF 4-Channel Electric/Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control CAP 232 RC Plane

ARF 4-Channel Electric/Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control CAP 232 RC Plane
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Product Description

Brand New, very adorable 15-25 class Cap 232 which reproduces the full-scale aircraft with amazing accuracy, using precise CAD engineering and data from original Cap-232. Most Cap 232 ARF are available in 40-class, but this one is slightly smaller and lighter, giving you the option of using a 480 class electric motor instead of using nitro gas. All balsa construction. Aluminum alloy framed cowl. Superb realism and build quality. All major components ready for immediate assembly.

Engine: 2 Stroke 15-25 class or 480 electric motor (not included).
Radio system required: 4 channel with 4 servos (not included)

4CH whole Balsa wood construction model! An exact scale airplane to every detail! Both fly as an R/C electric model and as a fuel R/C model. The flying performance is very stable. It breaks the traditional obstacle of the interchangeability between electric model and fuel model. Also, the flying performance of 4CH electric model is almost exactly the same as fuel models.

Wing span: 36.6 in / 930MM Wing area: 238 sq in /15.4 sq dm
Flying weight: 2.3 lb / 1050g Fuselage length: 33 in / 840 mm

Engine Required: 2c 0.15cu in Radio Required: 4 channels,4 servos