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Clearance Sale!! The Happy Vertigo Stunt Remote Control Car For all Ages

Clearance Sale!! The Happy Vertigo Stunt Remote Control Car For all Ages
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Product Description

The new spinning RC Vertigo 4-wheel car. The Vertigo comes complete with all the batteries you need. One of the hottest products this year! Very similar to the RC Challenger car. This super fast stunt car performs incredible acrobatic stunts the will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. The Vertigos wheel sets split apart, enabling daredevil stunt tricks and dazzling action like 360 degree turns, spinning like a top and much more. With its V-shaped low-profile body and four huge off-road tires the Vertigo is able to do stunts like extend its "legs" into a cool-looking vertical split while the car travels in reverse or performs a spin with flashing lights. The two-sided Vertigo also does flat 360-degree spins and back flips--and then drives off on its opposite side.


Super Fast
Ready To Run
All Batteries Included
360 Degree Stunts
Great For All Ages!

RC Vertigo
Rechargeable Battery
9vt Battery

Box size is 9 x 8 inches
With hinged scissor-action frame, Vertigo is the ultimate stunt vehicle for incredible flips and rolls. Kids will want to master the "Arm-Twister 360" stunt! The Vertigo vehicle also features cool flashing lights for even more action day and night! It's the ultimate spin machine!