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Dynam E-Razor 250 XFP Fixed Pitch 4 Channel RC Helicopter

Item# 60H-DY8898-E-razor250-XFP-RTF-24G
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Product Description

Dynam is proud to release its newest 4 channel fixed pitch E-Razor 250 XFP helicopter. If you are familiar with Dynam E-Razor helicopters you’ll know that they are quality built and user friendly. The E-Razor 250 XFP is targeted towards pilots who want to fly something more challenging than a co-axial, but not comfortable or ready for a 6 channel collective pitch helicopter. Its fixed pitch design allows the pilot to experience a quicker headspeed, learn quicker reaction times, and learn a more challenging flight envelope compared to the inherently more limited and stable co-axial rotor setup.

So what is equipped on this awesome little 250 chopper you ask? First off, the airframe is built on a durable yet light weight composite chassis. This allows the helicopter to be nimble and quick with a flying weight of just 282 grams. The power department is handled by brushed 370 main motor and N50 tail motor with impressive power. Providing these motors with current is a 7.4v 850mah lithium polymer battery and a 4 in 1 electronics board regulating gyro, esc, receiver, and mixing duties. Pitch and yaw controls are delegated to two 7g detrum digital servos. Dynam also includes their aluminum rotor head, blade grips, and swashplate to withstand a number of crashes.

The E-Razor 250 XFP is ready to fly out of the box and comes with everything you need with the exception of 8 AA batteries for the transmitter. The 2.4ghz radio system is auto binding so there is no need to mess around with any bind plugs or funky procedures. The 7.4v Lithium battery has a charger included although we recommend a better charger so you can charge at a higher amp rating to get flying quicker. 

Length: 428mm
Height: 160mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 428mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 96mm
Weight with Battery: 282g
Battery: 7.4V 850mAh Li-Po
Main Motor: 370 Brushed
Tail Motor: N50 Brushed
Servo: Detrum 7g*2pcs
On-Board Electronics: 4-in-1 Gyro/ESC/Receiver/Mixer
Radio: 2.4ghz Dynam 4ch-H version

Required to Fly:
8 AA Batteries