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5-Footer Radio Remote Control R/C AirShip Blimp

5-Footer Radio Remote Control R/C AirShip Blimp
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Product Description

Brand New!!! Roughly 5FT LONG Remote Control Blimp Yes, about 5 Ft long after inflation!!! Big enough to catch anyone's attention when flying this baby!  Great for advertising and stuffs!  Great party toy, gifts and everything!!!  Mount a spy-cam into this baby and you are ready for some high tech fun!

Fly it indoors in the comfort of your own home.

Have you ever imagined piloting a large saucer over a major city? Now you can fly your own Remote Controlled Saucer indoors!

The weightless flight of this ship will bring a great big smile to your face as it silently obeys your every command! Within a few minutes of taking off, you will be able to pilot this airship around your living room like a pro!

This unique blimp is propelled by two independently controlled micro-motors housed in an ultralight plastic design.

Guidance is provided by a two channel transmitter. Range of the saucer is 200 feet in most cases. The most affordable remote controlled flying airship in the world. Impress your friends!

Actual Blimp you will be receiving!  It's huge!!!

Learn to fly the most easiest Remote Controlled blimp indoors!

Your  Airship will arrive at your home ready to fly! Fill the Airship Balloon with helium, attach the Turbofans to the balloon, add batteries and you are ready to go in 3 minutes!

Once you get the hang of it, then you can atttach the wireless spy cams and fly this baby into places you never imagine possible and spy on things you never imagine of seeing!!!


You will have a big smile on your face as you pilot your Flying Saucer or Blimp Indoors - from the comfort of your living room chair, gymnasium, or auditorium!

Perfect for 'Aerial Sumo Racing' - Fly Up to 4 Airships at once! Compete with your Friends for Aerial Supremacy!

Indoor Flying Is Fun - And we make it easy to start!

The Multi-Controller Transmitter modulates the thrust from each propeller independently allowing you to take off and land vertically, spin in place, and fly in all directions.

Within a few minutes you will be able to pilot your airship around your living room like a pro. How very relaxing flying like this truly is!

Balloon is filled using helium canisters, available from most party shops & florists.

Mini remote Control Airship-Blimp
Full Function RC Blimp
Awesome indoor fun
Triple prop thrust
360 degree pin turning
Gentle flight characteristics
Requires only helium and batteries

Something unexpected has been brought into the R/C World. That something has just come in our possession and is now available to you. With it's 360 degree pin turning, easy to control, etc. We all know how much you want your kids to have this, and "they" especially know "they" want the "R/C Airship," so why not just give in and give it to them? Oh Come on, do it! Buy it now!