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1/10 Exceed RC Brushless PRO 2.4Ghz Electric Infinitive EP RTR Off Road Truck (AA Red)

1/10 Exceed RC Brushless PRO 2.4Ghz Electric Infinitive EP RTR Off Road Truck (AA Red)
Item# 51C803-PRO-AARed-24Ghz
Price: $196.00

Product Description

--=Exceed-RC Infinitive EP Pro=--
1/10 Off Road Electric Truck Upgraded Version!!

The 1/10 scale Infinitive EP has undergone a complete powertrain overhaul and has emerged as a completely new, beast of a monster truck.  The engineers at Exceed RC have aggressively upgraded the Infinitive EP to keep it at the peak of the monster truck class. What did Exceed do to supercharge the already solid Infinitive EP platform? The new Infinitive EP now features mind-blowing increases in speed, an incredible amount of customization, and exceptional durability. Exceed RC has made various improvements on the Infinitive EP platform based on feedback from existing owners. The new platform provides more room for electronics, easier access to the differentials, more control over suspension adjustments, a more powerful programmable ESC, and sealed gears. Designed using the latest in Brushless technology, the Infinitive EP is comparable to competition level monster trucks at a fraction of the price.

The Infinitive EP is equipped with robust and durable front and rear bumpers that protect the main body of the truck. It is also equipped with aluminum threaded shock bodies which allows the preload of the springs to be quickly and easily tuned. The camber and toe are also easily adjusted through the use of aluminum turnbuckles. These combined features allow the user to quickly and easily tune the suspension geometry, letting the user get the most out of the Infinitive EP platform.


The Infinitive EP is powered by a Sensorless Brushless Motor rated at 3300KV @ 12Turns and a programmable 60amp ESC, thatís capable of handling 4-9s Nickel batteries or 2-3s LiPo batteries. This new powertrain is easily capable of providing reliable and consistent power for extreme off-road driving. Best of all, the motor and transmission are both completely sealed to prevent dirt and grime from getting in and causing damage. This motor has been proven to be both durable and reliable, making the Infinitive EP a welcomed addition to the latest Exceed RC line. With 20 exciting color schemes to choose from the Infinitive EP is sure to be a favorite for RC enthusiasts everywhere.



Exceed-RC Infinitive EP Electric Truck (Upgraded Version w/ Brushless Motor & HSP Brushless ESC

Engine  KV3300 Brushless Motor
Transmission  Single speed with Reverse
Gear Ratio 1:10.3
Drive System  Four Wheel Drive
Radio System  Two Channel
Battery 8.4V 3000mAh Ni-Mh
Length  400mm
Front Track  150mm
Rear Track  150mm
Overall Height 185mm
Wheelbase  275mm
Front Shock Length  95mm
Rear Shock Length  95mm
Front Tires  Off Road
Rear Tires  Off Road
Wheel Width  60mm
Wheel Diameter  120mm
Brake Type  Reverse Braking
Suspension Type  8 bodied oil filled shocks
What's Needed 8 AA Batteries. Everything else is included


The sky is the limit when it comes to upgrading these electric rc trucks. You can upgrade your trucks anywhere from batteries, motors, brushless systems, tires, shocks, gearing and so on. How fast do you want to go?  Infinitive EP Electric Truck, Ready to Run