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4-Meter Ventus Discus 4M ARF Giant Scale Electric RC Glider (Radio Remote Control RC Sailplane Airplane)

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Product Description

Brand New Giant Scale Ventus RTF Scale Electric RC Glider  DISCUS 2CM at 4-Meter Wing Span makes for an awesome almost ready to fly radio remote control electric flying machine.

These scale beauties are replicas of the Shempp-Hirth line of high-performance gliders. Designed around the sleek fuselages of the Discus 2B frame, the Ventus 4C comes in two wing platforms. The 4-meter sports a three-polyhedral-break wing with high aspect, drag reducing winglets. The kit parts come finished with sheeted foam and Oracover-covered wings. The 4-meter version comes completely finished; its state-of-the-art hollow-core molded wing incorporates flaps, and optional retractable landing gear is available. These models feature removable elevator and a detailed cockpit.

  • Wingspan: 3,800mm
  • Length: 1,530mm
  • Weight: 3,500g
  • Airbrake: Factory installed
  • Wing tip: Fiberglass winglet included
  • Elevator: Factory installed elevator mechanism
  • Radio: 5 Channel, 6 servos (4 mini, 2 standard) Aileron, Rudder, Elevator, Brake
  • Fuselage: Fiberglass, with balsa spar reinforce on tail
  • Wing: Foam core with fiberglass layer, hardwood skin
  • Wing rod: Dia 10mm steel rod with rubber suspension system
  • Size 1780.00X360.00X260.00 mm

    Kit Features:

  • Gel-coated fiberglass fuselage
  • Balsa wing with fiberglass lamination
  • Factory built elevator mechanism
  • Factory built & installed air brake
  • Mold fiberglass wing tip included