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4-Ch Dynam Vortex 370 CX V2 RC Helicopter 100% RTF

4-Ch Dynam Vortex 370 CX V2 RC Helicopter 100% RTF
Item# 60H-DY8908-Vortex370Heli
Price: $99.95

Product Description

Big Co-Axial Vortex 370 for Outdoor and Indoor, The 4 channels Vortex 370 coaxial helicopter comes everything you need to fly right out of the box. Outdoor flight radio controlled helicopter or perfect for Indoor for the best stable flight. Great power, and super stable.  You will be amazed at how EASY it is to fly a 4-channel rc helicopter like the Vortex 370.

  • Specifications:
    Main rotor diameter : 460mm
    Length: 510.2mm
    Width: 92mm
    Height: 100mm
    Weight RTF : 400g
    Main motor: 370motor (2 pcs installed)
    Transmitter: 4 CH (including training switch and simulator port)
    Mix controller: 3 in 1 controller
    Servo: 9g
    Battery: 11.1V 900mAh Li-Po
  • Co-axial Counter-rotating double blades system
    Easy to fly with simple operation, designed for beginner
    Ready to fly out of box
    Digital servo with precise movements and sensitive reaction, efficient in control
    Simple structure of landing skid ensures convenient adjustment and maintenance
    This combined with two digital servos, ensures rapid response, precise control and nimbler movement.
    With this system, several flyers can operate simultaneously within the same area, ensuring a safe and fun flying experience
    Function by FM Remote Control 72Mhz Mode 2

Package Include:
  • Helicopter (100% assembled)
    4 Channel FM Remote Control
    Rechargeable 11.1V 900mAh Li-Poly battery
    AC wall battery charger
    English Manual