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4-Channel Digital Video Recorder PC-DVR Card w/ Windows Remote Software !
4-Channel Digital Video Recorder PC-DVR Card w/ Windows Remote Software !
Item# DVR416
Price: $55.00
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Product Description

Do not miss this opportunity to own an incredible DVR card package perfect for use in recording from wireless or wired cameras to your computers hard drive!!
You will receive a DVR card + Free Software for your cards!!!

 + Remote SOFTWARE for PC Windows!!!

This card supports remote wireless surveillance so if  you wired your home with cameras, you can monitor everything in your house from works via the internet!!!

This is like those high tech gadget that you must own!!! Use it to monitor parties, clubbing, kids, pool, intruders, parking lot, your sports card, park, or anywhere you want!


This Package allows you to connect 4 cameras to a single computer and record, play back, view and much more!!

 There is also a Remote Viewer program included that you can install on any computer you use, which allows you to remotely view the cameras being run through your server computer!! All you need is an internet connection. Absolutely Awesome!!

This system is Windows 98/00/NT/XP compatible. When set to record, this system can record nearly 12 hours of camera footage per 1GB of hard drive space and shows real time footage at 8 frames per second, but can be set to 30 fps!! This is definitely one of the best DVR cards in its price range! Software is capable of monitoring alarm input triggers and controlling pan, tilt and zoom functions of surveillance cameras when equipped. Card has 1 Audio in channel also.


  • Single card can support 4 cameras either wired directly or through the receivers of wireless systems
  • Software is capable of monitoring 16 cameras and alarm trigger inputs
  • Software has pan, tilt and zoom control features for equipped systems
  • Cameras are remotely viewable through internet and LAN with this system
  • One audio input channel

Digital Video Recorder Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is a digital video recorder?
  2. How is DVR detter than a security VCR?
  3. What should I look for in a DVR?
  4. What makes your DVR system better than anyone else?
  5. What is the best camera to use with a DVR?
  6. How does remote monitoring and recording work?



1. What is a digital video recorder?

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a computerized system that records video pictures digitally on a hard disk drive (HDD). Since these systems are computer based, they provide dynamic features such as remote monitoring, recording, and alert, allowing you to control your surveillance system from anywhere, anytime.
2. How is DVR detter than a security VCR?
Images that were once recorded with a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) are now being stored with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). In the surveillance world, this new DVR technology provides clearer, permanent images with less equipment, all at a lower cost compared to VCR's.
  • Since DVR's record digitally, the image quality remains the same regardless of how many times the images are stored or rerecorded. VCR tape images become more grainy each time they are rerecorded.
  • A DVR system allows you to pick a moment in time and select images quickly by using time/date or alarm search, or just browsing through. With VCR systems you have to search the complete tape to find a specific time period.
  • DVR systems record to a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), typically 20-60Gb or larger. VCR's can only record as much as the VCR cassette tape will allow.

The table below shows the added benefits of DVR vs. VCR.









Recording Method







Medium Of Storage




Video Tape



Term Of Storage


Semi Permanent


Scrapping after third recording



Search Function


Search by Time, Date, and Camera


View the whole tape



Monitoring Limits


On-site and Remote


On-site Only



Motion Detector


Records when motion is detected


Records constantly



Sensor Function







Image Quality


High Quality and Definition


Low Quality





1-120 Frames Per Second (FPS)


1 Frame/3 Sec.



Image Data Output


Standard Printer


Special Output Equipment



Remote Monitoring







Maintenance Costs




Tape replacement and storage



Up-grade ability














3. What should I look for in a DVR?
There are many things to consider when choosing a DVR system. Your requirements may vary from application to application. The main factors to consider are:
  • User friendly software
  • Enough camera inputs to meet your application needs
  • Record Speed is at least 30 fps on a 4-8 camera input DVR card (i.e. Recording 4 cameras provides a individual camera recording speed of 7.5 fps)
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is large enough to store recorded images (i.e. Estimate -1 Gb drive space, per camera, per day continuous recording, at 30 fps)
  • Recorded surveillance download capability through a CD-RW drive.
  • Remote viewing and recording

5. What is the best camera to use with a DVR?
There are many cameras on the market that are made specifically for video surveillance, which will all work with the the DVR cards we sell.
Typical Cameras
  1. Fixed Camera
  2. Dome Camera
  3. Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
  4. Wireless Camera


6. How does remote monitoring and recording work?
With the Client Remote software provided with your purchase of our DVR cards, you are able to connect remotely through a DSL/broadband connection or system dial-up modem. We recommend that you use a DSL connection for peak performance, as modem dial-up connections vary and my produce slow image retrieval (1-2 frames per second). The Client software requires you to login the specific remote/host DVR- IP address and is password protected. Once you have made the connection you will have the ability to view, or record surveillance activity of the host DVR.